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The Dermestes maculatus (hide beetles) were picked with a soft (moist) camel hair brush and kept in a plastic jar (Container) along with little fish meal and covered with fine netting and placed in a waterbath for preservation by disallowing invasion of thief ants on the fish meal.
In each of the set up replicates, twenty (20) Dermestes maculatus and thirty (30) grams of Oryctes boas were introduced into each container, respectively.
Taxonomy of the larvae of some North American species of the genus Dermestes (Coleoptera: Dermestidae).
Diptera), Dermestes maculatus and Necrobia rufipes (Coleoptera), and Tineola cf biselliella (Lepidoptera).
The rest of the coleopterous larval exuviae are from Dermestes maculatus De Geer, indicating that this succession proceeded to an advanced decay stage, close to skeletonization and/or mummification, where only bony tissue, dried skin and hair are preserved.
Management of Dermestes ater De Geer (Coleoptera, Dermestidae) and Labia arachidis (Yersin) (Dermaptera, Labiidae) on silkworm Bombyx mori L.
rufipes when two different prey species, Musca domestica and Dermestes ater, were offered simultaneously.
The genus Dermestes produce holes up to 6 mm in diameter (Jodry & Stanford 1992); according to Kitching (1980), carrion beetles can bore even larger holes, up to 8-10 mm (d'Errico & Villa 1997).
2 04-28 to 05-19 Tychius stephensi Schoenherr 1 07-07 Dermestidae Dermestes rattus rattus (LeConte) 3 07-30 to 08-04 Derodontidae Derodontus maculatus (Melsheimer) 4 10-02 to 11-04 Elateridae Aeolus mellilus (Say) 1 08-27 Agriotes quebecensis Brown 13 04-28 to 06-29 Ampedus areolatus (Say) 1 06-09 Ampedus linteus (Say) 1 08-24 Ampedus nigricollis (Herbst) 1 05-12 Ampedus sanguinipennis (Say) 1 04-28 Ampedus semicinctus (Randall) 1 06-09 Athous brightwelli (Kirby) 1 06-23 Athous cucullatus (Say) 1 08-12 Ctenicera caricinus (Germar) 2 04-21 Ctenicera cylindriformis (Herbst) 6 04-28 to 05-05 Ctenicera hamata (Say) 1 06-23 Ctenicera lobatus (VanDyke) 1 04-28 Ctenicera pyrrhos (Herbst) 16 07-14 to 07-27 Ctenicera vernalis (Hentz) 1 04-28 Dalopius spp.
1947, Taxonomy of the larvae of some North American species of the genus Dermestes (Coleoptera: Dermestidae).
1 Dermestes ater (DeGeer) 2 50 DErmestes caninus (Gremar) 2 Ischnopyllidae Myodopsylla collinsi (Kohls) 34 [greater than] 200 Tenebrionidae Tencbrio molitor L.