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Synonyms for dermal

of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula

of or relating to or located in the dermis


relating to or existing on or affecting the skin

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The dermal papillae then clumped together, encouraging hair growth.
Scientists harvested dermal papillae from seven human donors, cloned them in the laboratory, and transplanted them into human skin grafted on to the backs of mice.
Prof Jahoda said more work was needed to explore the properties of hair generated by newly grown follicles, and the interaction between transplanted dermal papillae and host cells.
Efforts to grow new hair from dermal papillae, the large base of the hair follicle, have been going on from a long time.
Previous studies have found that adult rodent dermal papillae, which control hair follicle growth, can be grown in the laboratory, transplanted into recipient skin and made to trigger new hair follicles and fibres.
Use of transparent film dressings may also result in excessive moisture and exacerbate the separation of the dermis from the dermal papillae.
Similar results were also obtained in in vivo dermal papillae of human scalps.