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It is further shown that the terminal morphemes must be overtly marked in nonfinal conjuncts although they can be null elsewhere, and derivational morphemes cannot be suspended.
Namely, the omission of derivational morphemes on nonfinal conjuncts is strictly prohibited.
If explained in a simple way as above, the distinction between inflectional and derivational morphemes could be understood with only a modicum of difficulty.
Linguists would rather refer to {ility} as attached to "compres-si-ble", or, to be in agreement with the general opinion, they would regard "bility" as representing two derivational morphemes, i.
This is probably due to the fact that inflectional and derivational morphemes appear in the postfield of the word, whereas inflectional morphemes, with the exception of the verbal prefix ge- attached to the past participle of weak verbs, do not take up the word prefield.
These data demonstrate, for the younger generation of Oroqen speakers, the wholesale loss of certain limited derivational strategies, such as emphatic reduplication and the replacement of low-productivity derivational morphemes such as -wun by equivalent, yet more productive, strategies.
I will exemplify the possible functions and formal realizations of Philippine-type derivational prefixes and will show that, in at least one language family, preroot derivational morphemes may have quite diverse realizations in their form, and their production: from prefixes to derivational proclitics to unbounded phonological sequences.