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Synonyms for asterisk

a star-shaped character * used in printing

mark with an asterisk


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Reasoning's inspection study shows that a majority of the defects found were null pointer dereference (NPD) errors, which are well-known, crash-causing defects.
The most common quality bug identified was the null pointer dereference, which can cause programs to crash, or worse, lead to data corruption.
Additionally, analysis of the results of the big data projects found that contributors are fixing more critical issues, like resource leaks, null pointer dereferences and concurrent data access violations.
The service is designed to find the most common and critical issues in Java code bases, including resource leaks, race conditions, concurrency issues, control flow issues, null pointer dereferences, issues detected by the open source FindBugs tool, copy and paste errors, and many other software defects resulting in incorrect or unpredictable program behavior.
After locating the URI of a resource, the LOD retrieval process dereferences that URI at the DBpedia server to get the respective resource RDF description.