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large dark striped eland of western equatorial Africa

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Forget the cats, elephant, and the toughest antelope (bongo, Derby eland, sitatunga, and such).
As far as we know, no other conservation action for the recovery of the Western Derby eland has been performed in the NKNP.
A semi-captive Western Derby eland population, unique in the world for the subspecies, was created in Senegal in 2000, with the main objective of conserving the subspecies and reinforcing wild populations in West Africa, in conformity with the IUCN recommendations to establish a captive breeding programme when the number of wild individuals drops below 1,000 (IUCN SSC 1987).
The objective of our study was to assess the potential of a long-term viable strategy for conservation breeding of the endangered Western Derby eland.
We studied the semi-captive population of Western Derby eland in two nature reserves in western Senegal, i.
Breeding in the semi-captive Western Derby eland population started in 2002.
The pedigree data for the Western Derby eland were constructed and maintained in the Single Population Animal Record Keeping System (SPARKS), compiled by the International Species Information System (ISIS 1992).
Respecting the real possibilities and feasibility of the ex situ conservation programme, we set the maximum allowable population size at 800 individuals to retain 90% of the original GD, and at 400 individuals to retain 75% of the original GD in order to create practically applicable options for Western Derby eland conservation decision-makers.
During 2000-2009, a total of 61 Western Derby eland offspring were born (Fig.
Analyses of the life table of the Western Derby eland (see Table 1) indicated that the deterministic annual population growth rate was 1.
The reproductive parameters of the Western Derby eland kept in semi-captivity, such as age at first conception and giving birth, were higher than for captive breeding females of the Eastern subspecies of Giant eland in zoo facilities.
The Lord Derby eland is the largest antelope in the world, and one of the most amazing animals to hunt in Africa.
For bowhunting animals as difficult as Lord Derby eland, it was super important the animals didn't have a clue they were being pursued if we were going to have any hope of getting within bow range.
With my Lord Derby eland down, I focused on the Roan antelope, also known as "Koba" by the locals.
Caption: My Lord Derby eland was the result of a great team effort.