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the title of the Holy Roman Emperors or the emperors of Austria or of Germany until 1918

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Der Kaiser von Atlantis, by Viktor Ullmann, at the Cincinnati May Festival.
Reiner Pommerin, Der Kaiser und Amerika: Die USA in der Politik der Reichsleitung, 1890-1917 (Cologne, Vienna, 1986), 292-93; Ekkehard Mai, "Prasentation und Reprasentativitat--interne Probleme deutscher Kunstausstellungen im Ausland (1900-1930)," Zeitschrift fur Kulturaustausch 31(1981):112-13.
Benson's taut libretto is also calculated to create tensions between the various characters, and there is clearly more than enough in it dramatically to support a fully staged production (paired, though, with something like Viktor Ullmann's Der Kaiser von Atlantis).
Der Kaiser reist ins Heilige Land: Die Palastinareise Wilhelms II.
The three-man defence will be marshalled by Der Kaiser, Franz Beckenbauer, with Carlos Alberto, scorer of Brazil's wonderful team goal in the 1970 World Cup Final win over Italy, as right-back, even though he might not need to get forward as much as he'd ROLE OVER: He may be the greatest, but Pele would have to track back in my World X1 normally have done in this team.
Hamilton landed the opening fouryear-old maiden with Supermightyfine, a son of Slip Anchor, ridden by top local rider Barry O'Neill and completed his double when Der Kaiser took the second division of the five-year-old geldings maiden under young jockey Declan Lavery, who is beginning to get his name noticed.
Robinson stresses the MLS is now a far cry from the previous incarnation of soccer in the States, the Cosmos often described as a travelling circus as thousands upon thousands turned up to see Pele and Der Kaiser take their bows before the novelty wore off.
Der Kaiser was thrilled by the way Low's side put out Portugal to reach the semifinal.
McHardy is midway through an engagement with Cincinnati Opera, where Artistic Director Nicholas Muni has cast her for leading roles in an eclectic double-bill--as War in Victor Ullmann's Der Kaiser von Atlantis and as Solange, one of the sisterly maids in Swedish composer Peter Bengson's 1994 operatic adaptation of Jean Genet's The Maids.
More than most Der Kaiser was responsible for re-establishing Germany as Europe's super-power in football after England's World Cup win in 1966.
The peerless Gareth Barry immediately dropped back to cover when Jagielka gave his Der Kaiser impression, but there's a freedom and an expressiveness about Everton which makes them a very difficult team to pin down.
Der Kaiser (89+) won with plenty in hand and is capable of competing at a much higher mark than this and is a likely future track winner as he quickened well when asked.
Der Kaiser said: "If you don't shoot, you don't score and in this tournament I've seen fewer shots on goal than ever before.
and there is the hardest working man in Germany, Der Kaiser himself, Franz Beckenbauer always available with a pre, during and post match viewpoint.
Further chapters on operas treating the subject of bereavement via the Orpheus myth, on suicide (Peter Grimes, Madama Butterfly) and the "undead" (vampires, fairies and sea captains from the Low Countries in Romantic opera, plus Ullmann's Der Kaiser von Atlantis, in which Death goes on strike, and Janacek's 300-year-old Emilia Marty) offer many fascinating insights into coping strategies devised by our culture for dealing with death.