Der Fuhrer

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German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)

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He was awarded the Knights Cross with oak leaves and swords by der Fuhrer himself.
And Hitler would never have packed his Nuremberg Rallies with wide-eyed wackos if the German nation had watched der Fuhrer picking his nose and breaking wind on live television.
So in one last orgy of confession or fantasy--you choose--a spate of German magazines and books have begun making claims that Der Fuhrer was fruity--but only in the most circumspect and clandestine orchards.
Hitler was very big on astrology, had his own team of soothsayers in fact, and the occult thriller writer Denis Wheatley was called in by our side to dream up ways of working out the predictions likely to be handed to Der Fuhrer.
Der andere, der Fuhrer (predvoditel'), dieses Recht bestreitend, verwendet die Pluralform: "Esli nuzno, my vas ponesem [.
The 8-year-old Road Theatre won a total of 12 awards, including production of a revival and production of an original drama, for its stagings of ``Tainted Blood,'' Tom Jacobson's gothic comedy, and ``Hitler's Head,'' John Rafter Lee's disturbing Nazi-era drama about a sculptor pressured into making a bust of Der Fuhrer.
The ferocious Panzer tank divisions set aside for counter-attack were too precious to trust to field commanders; only Der Fuhrer had the right to deploy those.
Long after the war ended, Lifar spoke of the golden hours he had spent alone with der Fuhrer.
For five years all of Euro had been in the dark shadow of Nazi domination under the direction of der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.
Mad scientist Karel Roden takes Viktor Frankenstein's name in vain at the behest of der fuhrer.
Her well documented adoration of Adolf Hitler received very little attention, though the reader can surmise such by her fond description of her receiving the Iron Cross from Der Fuhrer.
Women Talk About Adolf Hitler, 2004, for example, is a video featuring a series of women, played by Ben-Tor, who each address the camera, usually to deliver an absurd diatribe about der Fuhrer.
Some titles depicted Der Fuhrer as frightening or fascinating, while others poked fun at the former World War I corporal reducing him to a clown or buffoon.
Emphasizing that lethal irony are several official portraits of Der Fuhrer, recreated by the artists and each emblazoned with the name and biography of a gay man killed in a concentration camp.