Der Fuhrer

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German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)

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Erfolgt die Selbstinszenierung von Rafael Nunez in der Gestalt des Hirten, so dass er als politischer Fuhrer der gesamten "Herde" auftritt, so erscheint Alvaro Uribe in seinem Verwenden der neuen Medien als der Fuhrer, der das "Ensemble" zusammen halt.
Vatlin (Moscow: Direktmedia, 2007), 83-96; and Tikhomirov, "The Stalin Cult between Center and Periphery: The Structures of the Cult Community in the Empire of Socialism, 1949-1956--The Case of the GDR," in Der Fuhrer im Europa des 20.
The young Hitler charmed her greatly--when all else failed they could always exchange anti-Semitic anecdotes--but one suspects that had she lived to witness the Third Reich, Der Fuhrer, quite as much as any Weimar Republic politician, would have found her unmanageable.
Peepin' passengers also noted the face of the idjit's phone displayed a photo of der fuhrer standing in front of a giant swastika.
Weary of his country's direction under Der Fuhrer, von Stauffenberg is picked by a bunch of disillusioned German officers to lead an ill-fated attempt to blow up Hitler.
The very first issue of Captain America (1941) showed the star-spangled super-soldier punching out Adolf Hitler, prompting criticism from both Nazi sympathizers and those who considered der Fuhrer Europe's problem.
And they don't come more stinking than Springtime For Hitler, a masterwork by Nazi sympathiser Fritz Liebkind (Will Ferrell) which emphasises the tender side of Der Fuhrer.
He was awarded the Knights Cross with oak leaves and swords by der Fuhrer himself.
Like all film critics, she is quick to note the crucial importance of Laurence Olivier's 1944 film of Henry V, in which the panoramic pomp and glory, but also groundling vitality, of Elizabethan England is celebrated (in a direct and delightful aerial refutation of "wings of God" Nuremberg arrival of Der Fuhrer in Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will [1935]).
And Hitler would never have packed his Nuremberg Rallies with wide-eyed wackos if the German nation had watched der Fuhrer picking his nose and breaking wind on live television.
In what looks to be wholly innocent home-movie footage of a child and her toys, a little girl walks through a fully furnished playhouse, the picture-perfect set complete with a miniature portrait of Der Fuhrer on the wall.
So in one last orgy of confession or fantasy--you choose--a spate of German magazines and books have begun making claims that Der Fuhrer was fruity--but only in the most circumspect and clandestine orchards.
Hitler was very big on astrology, had his own team of soothsayers in fact, and the occult thriller writer Denis Wheatley was called in by our side to dream up ways of working out the predictions likely to be handed to Der Fuhrer.
Der andere, der Fuhrer (predvoditel'), dieses Recht bestreitend, verwendet die Pluralform: "Esli nuzno, my vas ponesem [.