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Conservative deputy presiding officer John Scott spent nearly PS300 on tea, conservative deputy presiding officer John Scott Spent nearly PS300 on tea, coffee and biscuits.
A senior Welsh Government source made it clear that it was a point of principle for Carwyn Jones not to interfere in the election of the Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officer, and Labour AMs will have a free vote.
They had been told to vote for just one nominee for Deputy Presiding Officer - but four put down two crosses.
Mulgrew, the son of Scottish Parliament deputy presiding officer Trish Godman, enjoyed a millionaire lifestyle - until the charges ended his career.
ASSEMBLY deputy presiding officer John Marek has hit back after being dropped by Labour, saying he is the victim of a smear campaign.
Mr Melding, a former Deputy Presiding Officer, argued the case for a new-look grammar school system, with pupils being invited to choose from a more academic or vocational pathway at age 14.
Deputy Presiding Officer, David Melding AM, who was welcoming them across the finishing line at the Senedd, said: "This is a marvellous achievement by all those who took part.
It was being hosted by David Melding AM, the National Assembly's deputy presiding officer.
NINE thousand people will today tell Rosemary Butler, the National Assembly for Wales' Deputy Presiding Officer, they want roads across Wales to be safer for cycling on.
Labour MSP and Holyrood's deputy presiding officer Trish Godman struck a deal to claim overnight accommodation costs for aflat she was already renting.
Parliament was suspended yesterday after the former SSP leader clashed with deputy Presiding Officer Murray Tosh.
THE Assembly's Deputy Presiding Officer has six days left in which to save his bacon.
The job could go to Patricia Ferguson, the deputy presiding officer.
The Constitution and Legislative Affairs Committee, chaired by deputy presiding officer and Conservative AM David Melding, says the bill, which lays out the next steps of Wales' devolution, should not proceed unless it is significantly amended.
Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty's red double-decker will be welcomed by deputy presiding officer David Melding AM as it stops at The Senedd in Cardiff Bay.
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