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the British cabinet minister responsible for finance

the person who is head of state (in several countries)

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For the past seven years, I have worked closely with Sharon and before her, William Goldstein, and their staffs, and they have done a tremendous job in maintaining our facilities and building safe schools for our public school students," said Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm.
Improving the quality of our schools is often viewed as a local issue, but is a global challenge and should be addressed as such," said Deputy Chancellor Henderson.
We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our schools, and this mixed-use project is a great example," Deputy Chancellor of Finance and Administration Kathleen Grimm said.
The 25-year education veteran began as a teacher and most recently served as deputy chancellor of the Texas Tech University system from 1999 to 2000.
Some of it was, 'Let's see what we're talking about here and what the need is' before you put in a tremendous amount of effort," said Patricia Plummet, deputy chancellor of the state Board of Higher Education.
Really the people who take this have 25 to 30 years (of) experience and are close to retirement age,'' said Mike Gregoryk, deputy chancellor for the district.
Flotte, MD, dean of the School of Medicine and provost & executive deputy chancellor of The University of Massachusetts Medical School.
He ended up at Perry's alma mater, Texas A&M University, as a university system deputy chancellor.
Other US speakers include Kaya Henderson, Deputy Chancellor, District of Columbia Public Schools; Edward Fiske, former Education Editor of the New York Times; and Cindy Johanson, Executive Director of the George Lucas Educational Foundation.
Stanton, former deputy chancellor for finance and administration at University of Massachusetts Medical School, has left Worcester for a similar job at Washington University School of Medicine in St.
Kathleen Grimm, Deputy Chancellor for Finance and Administration of the New York City Department of Education and William Goldstein, Executive Director of the New York City School Construction Authority with Joseph Aliotta and Cathryn Bang of Swanke Hayden Connell Architects
After becoming a principal of two different schools, she served as deputy chancellor for instruction in the New York City Public Schools and then as state district superintendent of Newark (NJ.
172 for a dinner for Westin and Deputy Chancellor Mike Gregoryk at Charley's Steak House in Orlando, Fla.
The Ventura County Community College District trustees have extended contracts for Chancellor Philip Westin and Deputy Chancellor Mike Gregoryk by another year and given them pay hikes.
Before joining DPS, Kimbrough was deputy chancellor at Perry's alma mater, Texas A&M University.
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