depth charge

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a bomb that explodes at a preset depth under water


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As the order to fire the depth-charge throwers had not been given, these men, keen to do their duty and attack the enemy, assailed the passing U-boat with a rather unconventional weapon of war--empty coke bottles, which were stored there by the canteen manager
It's believed the U-boat was sunk by a depth-charge from a Sunderland flying boat.
And while United would still be confirmed as champions again if they won their final two games against West Ham and Wigan because of their vastly superior goal difference, Grant dropped a depth-charge as he predicted Fergie's team are on the brink of collapse.
If a first torpedo failed to sink a ship, he returned relentlessly to finish it off after waiting out the inevitable depth-charge attacks by frustrated escorts.
He said it was largely intact and in excellent condition, although it had been damaged by the depth-charge.
ANDRIY SHEVCHENKO dropped a depth-charge under Jose Mourinho last night - as German officials blamed Chelsea for Michael Ballack's long-term absence.
Despite leaking fuel, which eventually set the starboard engine on fire, and severe damage causing difficulty in controlling the aircraft, Hornell pressed home the attack and sank the submarine with a "perfect" depth-charge straddle.