focal length

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the distance from a lens to its focus

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However, focusing on the closest part of the scene, even with the greater depth of field offered by a wide-angle, may result in a softening of the distant parts of the view.
And you probably should supply an introduction into the relationship between aperture, exposure, and depth of field.
Images will be sharper, with better contrast, resolution and depth of field.
I'm an amateur photographer, and I really like the way everything is in sharp focus and still has great depth of field.
Amnis Corporation, Seattle, has released two major upgrades to its ImageStream system including the Commercial release of a multilaser capability and the Beta release of a new technology for dramatically extending the depth of field well beyond conventional optical limitations.
Depth of field is another concern for soldiers, said J.
backward through has a deeper depth of field than when we came.
Montage Explorer extends the field of view so that as users move their samples, they can simultaneously extend the depth of field to produce a 3-D image in real time.
Short read times and a depth of field enable the CLV420, an enhanced version of the company's CLV410, to be used on some of the most demanding production lines where products, tote boxes and other conveyor-borne articles have to be tracked for quality, scheduling and traceability purposes.
1999) as an innovative film director who utilized deep focus or depth of field.
It provides 10x improved resolution and magnification, as well as 100x improved depth of field in comparison to conventional optical microscopes.
His depth of field is also affected, but it doesn't keep him off the greens.
This is a small book, but each page features a striking color photograph that uses light and depth of field to create an intense natural image.
Throughout the history of photomicrography, depth of field has been strictly limited by the laws of optics, and no amount of refinement in physical instrumentation could change those laws.
The MAC340 offers a scan distance of 32 mm and depth of field of [+ or -]3 mm, while the MAC344 offers a scan distance of 90 mm and a depth of field of [+ or -]7 mm.