focal length

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the distance from a lens to its focus

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Nobody is going to throw away their night vision goggles because of the poor depth of field, but the full promise of night vision isn't realized until this problem is overcome," James said.
By comparing the edge positions so determined with the known true edge positions, the accuracy and repeatability of the various edge detection algorithms can be determined as a function of edge shape and instrument depth of field.
Information on choosing a camera, film options, the mystery of focal length and depth of field, photography from televised images, capturing movement, and many other topics are addressed in double-page spreads.
Depth of field increases as available light increases.
In addition the accelerator features 3dfx's proprietary T-buffer digital cinematic effects which enable acceleration of Hollywood style techniques including motion blur, depth of field, soft shadows and soft reflections.
Unlike most pop recordings that seem absolutely studio-bound, this one actually has a depth of field and a homogeneity of players and instruments that suggest a live experience.
For high-magnification work, a more shallow etch depth is desired due to the more limited depth of field of the light microscope, while for low-magnification examination a deeper contrast etch is best.
The difference between his images and Bennetton's or Nike's lies not only in subject matter but in depth of field and emotional impact.
New version of award-winning software helps photographers create realistic depth of field after the shoot with powerful new features that provide blur control and lens simulation
This gives enough depth of field, and allows you to capture the poppies in the foreground, with the backdrop of St George's Hall going off into the distance.
In many cases, one RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera can capture multiple subjects at different heights and depth in a single shot
The subject of the public contract is field emission scanning electron microscope (SEM) designed for the observation of conductive and non-conductive materials in high resolution (micro to nanometer scale), allowing the display surface samples with high depth of field by using multiple detection (SE - backscattered electron detector, BSE - detector backscattered electrons SE and BSE detectors placed in the tube of the microscope, the original secondary electron detector for low vacuum STEM - detector transmitted electrons).
Depth of field is the term used to describe the sharpness in front and behind the point of focus.
From stitching to extending depth of field and using high dynamic range imaging, the latest techniques are covered in an introduction using example images to explain each.
He explains the elements of design that form the foundation of a photo, the role of depth of field, the compositional effects of using different shutter speeds, different ways to light images, and shooting in color vs.