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a bomb that explodes at a preset depth under water


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According to the MoD, the depth charges were transferred from ship to ship during the voyage to the South Atlantic to ensure no vessel entered Argentine waters with the weapons on board.
They found a submarine and launched an attack, dropping the depth charge right on top of it.
This is the familiar cinema and documentary view of how depth charges were used against the U-boat menace.
Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977 became a submarine with torpedoes, underwater smokescreen, surface-to-air missiles and depth charges.
The Ministry of Defence confirmed that it did have some nuclear depth charges, used for destroying submarines, aboard vessels,but there was no question of using them.
The Swordfish pilots dropped depth charges from a very low level in the fearsome battle to protect Atlantic convoys from U-boats.
All mission-essential equipment onboard surface ships and submarines must be qualified for shock loads, such as from depth charges, mines, missiles and torpedoes.
The Atlantic can be a terrifying place for the most experienced sailors, even without torpedoes, shells, bombs and depth charges.
During an attack on a U-boat their depth charges failed to release and he attacked again.
He made a low level pass on U-573, and although the depth charges fell close, they failed to explode because a crew member had neglected to set the fuses.
Otto Kretschmer was captured after his U-99 was forced to surface by depth charges from the Walker.
She would put it to good use on November 6, 1940, when, while serving with the Clyde Escort Force, she and HMS Harvester sank the Italian submarine Faa di Bruno with depth charges.
And if that doesn't work he's going to drop powerful depth charges to blow Nessie up to the surface.