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Although it may be prescribed to people suffering a depressive illness with associated anxiety, it remains a fact that it is not an anti-depressant.
Unfortunately, overriding that, there was this depressive illness with the most tragic of consequences.
Midwives in our area are already routinely referring for antenatal assessment and care of women with a history of depressive illness.
What she did was highly abnormal, but I don't believe she was suffering depressive illness or any other mental illness amounting to an abnormality of the mind.
What she did was highly abnormal - but I don't believe she was suffering depressive illness or any other mental illness amounting to an abnormality of the mind.
The author investigates the effects of depressive illness on family life and social structures in this arresting but confused and unhappy story.
According to a recent report issued by the BAG (Federal Department of Health), if you live in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, you are twice as likely to be diagnosed with a depressive illness than in other parts of the country.
He believed Jones had developed a severe depressive illness in the period leading up to exwife Katrina's death.
NEW YORK, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Each year more than 40 million Americans will suffer from an anxiety disorder and more than 20 million Americans will suffer with a depressive illness.
Acting coroner for North East Wales John Gittins, in Mold, said: "Whilst this was a deliberate act, the balance of Steven's mind was disturbed and it was the depressive illness which caused his actions.
The charity runs advice services, parent and child groups and volunteer mentors for families, with children aged five or under, who are facing particular problems including domestic violence, drug and alcohol related issues, severe financial problems and depressive illness.
While this is not Cait Irwin's first book about her experience with major depressive illness, it is both a summary of what she experienced and a direct attempt to aid other teens who suffer through a major depression.
It sounds as if you have a rip-roaring depressive illness.
A depressive illness has an array of symptoms and at first any of them might just seem physical or be attributed to many things.
The clinical guidelines include the use of ECT in depressive illness, schizophrenia, mania, neuropsychiatric disorders and learning disabilities, with commentary on psychotropic drug treatment and ECT (including systematic reviews of depressive cases) and guidelines on administration, including anesthesia, prescribing, monitoring seizure activities, adverse effects, training, and consent to treatment.