buyer's market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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During depressed markets, property can be sold urgently - sometimes at a loss to the seller - representing an opportunity for buyers to save.
Despite the depressed market conditions, operationally SCI has performed better as can be seen from the profit from operations before other income & finance cost, which stood at Rs.
The current business climate of increasing costs in India and a depressed market in the UK also contributed to the decision, he added.
The Court of Appeals of Georgia has held that highest and best use does not need to be used as a basis for determining true market value in a depressed market when substantial investment in the property is required.
7 percent higher than the depressed market of a year ago.
KARACHI, May 15 -- Marketing companies have increased price of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) by Rs5 to 65 per kilogram in Karachi and interior of Sindh after a month of depressed market, effective from May 14, 2010.
There are limited signs of recovery within 2010, and Cyprus will continue to experience a depressed market," Loizou said, adding that, "big declines in the Cyprus market are related to foreign buyers and their intention to buy holiday homes (the revival of their domestic economy is essential before proceeding with buying a holiday home in Cyprus).
Trevor Mann, at Nissan, said: "Qashqai continues to buck the trend of a generally depressed market, and we have now identified the need for an additional shift to cover a high volume request.
Mr Phillips said: "In addition, the banks are starting to address the bad loans on their books and selling non-performing assets into an already depressed market which will tend to drive prices lower.
Reits are a great way to bring liquidity to the market which is particularly needed in a depressed market with distressed investors, a situation the local real estate market faces at present.
The new funds will be used to exploit attractive sales values of land in the current depressed market.
It will maintain its network but will not leverage its balance sheet to buy aircraft during a depressed market, as it has before.
Bob Husick,55, and wife Ricki from Pittsburgh have been trying to sell their suburban home for almost a year, but have failed to do so in the current depressed market.
A&P said late last month it was in talks with potential bidders about the sale of Farmer Jack, which has long struggled in a financially depressed market.
The company says it is responding to the laws of supply and demand as its sales continue to be healthy, despite a depressed market.