buyer's market

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a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy

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A depressed market means there are less properties being sold, giving you greater opportunities to negotiate with agent, says Richards.
There are limited signs of recovery within 2010, and Cyprus will continue to experience a depressed market," Loizou said, adding that, "big declines in the Cyprus market are related to foreign buyers and their intention to buy holiday homes (the revival of their domestic economy is essential before proceeding with buying a holiday home in Cyprus).
We have seen limited improvements in DIY and other end-user areas of our business but not to an extent that indicates any significant recovery or sustainable growth from the depressed markets of' the past year," CEO Christopher Connor said in a statement.
Earlier, a banking source with direct knowledge of the issue said the decision was prompted by depressed markets.
In the US the Viking business was beginning to see improvements but at Special Steels, generally depressed markets coupled with the forced withdrawal from the US stainless bar business due to the punitive levlels of duty imposed had resulted in low sales volumes.
For the many experienced real estate people who can't find enough to do in today's depressed markets, an interesting new career opportunity is opening up in the growing field of professional real estate counseling, until recently the exclusive occupation of a few acknowledged experts.