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a chemical process that combines several monomers to form a polymer or polymeric compound

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Such changes were probably caused by a depolymerization of higher MW PAs extracted out of the bark into the solution during the batch extraction.
Depolymerization and oxidation also occur in soil: degradation occurs in sediment as well, although significantly less quickly.
According to the technical literature, there is no research about the depolymerization reaction of waste PET with amines at "high pressures" except our previous articles [2, 7, 11, 38].
In contrast, PLLA, which is derived from renewable resources, is magnetizing the attention of many researchers because of its biodegradability, processability, hydrolysis, and thermal depolymerization functions [32, 33].
Thermal and Digestion Waste-to-Energy Technologies Worldwide contains comprehensive data on the worldwide market for waste to energy technologies (incineration, gasification, pyrolysis and thermal depolymerization, and anaerobic digestion), including historic (2006-2010) and forecast (2011-2021) market size data in terms of the dollar value of product shipments, with breakdowns at the national level for major markets.
They found that the initial event of hemicellusose depolymerization involved the severing of arabinan or galactan side-chains from their primary xylan- or glucomannan-backbones, respectively,.
Akulon ReCap recycled nylon is produced by means of DSM Engineering Plastics' newly developed caprolactam depolymerization process.
It has long been thought that devulcanization, partial devulcanization or depolymerization of crumb rubber would provide additional benefits, in terms of storage stability of modified asphalts and performance improvements.
Reactions of hydroxyl radical with cellulose leads to depolymerization.
ReadIt Depolymerization Assay (Promega, Madison, WI)
It is well known thai depolymerization is the main process associated with the thermal degradation of polymers.
It is known that, in the thermal decomposition of wood, the hydrocarbon structure forms through the dehydration and depolymerization of cellulose between 250[degrees] and 310[degrees]C, and that condensation aromatic polynuclear structures start to form above 400[degrees]C and develop gradually above 500[degrees]C.
Thus, a functionalized mono-ene can be pumped into a reactor containing an unsaturated polymer, and the result is depolymerization to generate difunctional telechelic oligomers or even small organic molecules.
The generation of a quality recyclate thermoplastic demands that in its "first life" the resin has not undergone significant degradation (by oxidation, pyrolysis, depolymerization or other chemical attack) or absorbed a significant amount of foreign fluid (solvent, oil, grease, etc.
The nylon is also melt recyclable for first-quality products, using a proprietary DuPont depolymerization technology which breaks down the thermoplastic to its base monomers for repolymerization into virgin material.