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a loss of polarity or polarization

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As mentioned above, in order to account for the behavior of several ions in the Second Solar Spectrum, collisional depolarization mechanisms have been invoked (see [72] and references cited therein).
Moreover, they provide a direct evidence from intracellular recordings that phase 2 early after depolarizations (EAD) can be generated from hypertrophied LV wall in the absence of APO prolonging agents.
The low-frequency dielectric properties of a number of polymers, composites and blends have been studied using a thermally stimulated depolarization current (TSDC) apparatus that was designed and constructed in-house.
Verapamil may stop depolarizations that trigger torsades de pointes, Dr.
Sodium Channel Dysfunction Predisposes Cardiac Myocytes to Potassium Channel Blocker-Induced Early After Depolarizations -- Yejia Song, Lin Wu, John C Shryock, Yuan Li, Charles Antzelevitch, Luiz Belardinelli.
The researchers say in their report that, "Our findings indicate that GEFS+ is caused by a defect in sodium channel inactivation that leads to a persistent inward current during sustained depolarizations.
a physician researcher and colleagues studied early afterdepolarizations (EADs), an abnormal depolarization during the plateau phase of the heart electrical activity (action potential) that can initiate arrhythmia, and a hallmark of LQTS.