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Synonyms for alcoholic

Synonyms for alcoholic

containing alcohol

Synonyms for alcoholic

a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

characteristic of or containing alcohol


addicted to alcohol

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Numerous studies have investigated levels of self-reported craving in social and dependent drinkers upon exposure to alcohol-related stimuli (e.
We need to ensure that dependent drinkers have real, highquality support available to them, as well as to help all of us become more aware of the dangers - long and short-term - of heavy drinking.
With alcohol-related admissions to A&E on the rise and only one in 20 dependent drinkers getting help, Mr Byrne wants the Government to ensure that vulnerable kids have expert help.
He added: "Based on the figures in the report, more than 150,000 people are dependent drinkers, more than 1.
37 000 Harmful/hazardous drinkers, 6 000 Dependent drinkers, 24 000 Binge drinkers.
It is estimated that within Birmingham alone there are over 100,000 hazardous drinkers, 40,000 harmful drinkers, and over 20,000 dependent drinkers.
London, May 6 ( ANI ): A new drug can help dependent drinkers reduce their consumption of alcohol by 61 percent.
2% were dependent drinkers which were screened by Questions 4-6 screen for signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence.
NICE (2010a, 2010b, 2011) recommends a combination of population and individual approaches, and the commissioning of resources to support and screen harmful and dependent drinkers and deliver brief interventions to hazardous drinkers including young people, who are particularly vulnerable to alcohol and the toxic effects of alcohol (NICE, 2010a, 2011), and adults of all ages.
Although drinkers with greater problems have been excluded in many studies, controlled trials have shown significant decreases in alcohol consumption and total drinking days for dependent drinkers following SBIs (Brown et al.
A Church spokesman said alcohol kills millions of people every year and keeps countless millions of dependent drinkers and their families in poverty.
Turning Point wants to see the widening of hospital intervention programmes which train frontline NHS staff to dig deep with their questions and find dependent drinkers.
Arrange follow-up support and repeated counseling, including referring dependent drinkers for specialty treatment.
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