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a former executive department of the United States government

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the Department of War had managing its real property, it requested
We are about due for a change - two-thirds of a century has gone by since our Department of War became Department of Defense.
At conflict's end, the Department of War (now the Department of Defense) cited the camp's treatment of U.
The novel enumerates the pseudo experiences of several fictitious individuals in support of the operation labeled "Project Seven Alpha," a classified Department of War project to quickly use commercial American Airlines pilots and planes to resupply our Chinese ally.
On retiring, he prepared a doctoral dissertation in the department of War Studies at King's College, University of London, which, after suitable revisions, has now been published as guidance for the new forms of conflict that have marked this century.
The Department of War was renamed the Department of Defense, and the secretaries of the Army and Navy were moved from the President's cabinet and placed under the Secretary of Defense.
British naval historian Professor Andrew Lambert, from the department of war studies at King's College London, said Spurr had a "great collection" of photographs but questioned whether they showed the final moments of the sinking German ship.
Department of War, "Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, to the Secretary of War for the Year 1883," 1883.
In 1947, top United States military brass decided, for PR reasons, that the Department of War needed a new name, the United Nations Charter having outlawed wars of aggression, wars not fought in defense.
At least not according to Thomas Rid, a researcher in the Department of War Studies at King's College London.
All of the major military bureaucracies, including the Army, Navy, Department of War, AAF, Department of State, and Civil Aeronautics Board, were involved in strategy formulation and the conflict over resources.
Too bad we don't still call it the Department of War, which would be far more honest.
Mats Berdal is Professor of Security and Development in the Department of War Studies at King's College, London.
The fact is, Goodman, a lecturer in the Department of War Studies at King's College London, states, that "intelligence was in some ways the cold war waged by other means.
We have a Department of War, now euphemistically called Department of Defense, which functions on the basis of achieving peace by military oppression.
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