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the government department in charge of foreign relations

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Officials in the Department of External Affairs were the first to sound the alarm about a possible humanitarian crisis.
In February 1947, Evatt appointed Dr John Wear Burton, Jnr, then 32 years old, as Secretary of the Department of External Affairs.
A cable sent by the Department of External Affairs to the British Consul-General at Batavia on 21 August 1941 reveals the following: 'It is clear Hashida came to Australia on espionage mission .
In the case of women who had qualified for Irish citizenship under the 1922 constitution, (11) the Department of External Affairs determined that they remained Irish citizens, because no provision existed for losing or relinquishing Irish citizenship, and thus they remained eligible for an Irish passport.
Conor Cruise O'Brien, at that time an official in the Department of External Affairs, was also there.
In 1939, he joined the Canadian Department of External Affairs, apparently distancing himself from his Marxist contacts.
Trudeau's new broom swept away the cobwebs he believed had gathered in the Department of External Affairs.
The Department of External Affairs was therefore quick to ask how the proposed US measures would remedy the old problem of political instability in South Vietnam.
Ambassador Urs Ziswiler, head of the Human Rights Division at the Swiss Department of External Affairs, called them `a central moral value for the next century'.
He reminds us that it was in 1960 that the administration of Canadian aid was brought together into the newly created External Aid Office (EAO) within the Department of External Affairs, and that its director-general then became responsible for its policies and administration.
The Department of External Affairs recognized our concerns and indicated that if a new ICA is negotiated that Canada would review their membership in the ICA.
In addition to the Mexican manufacturers, two Canadian groups --the Canadian Department of External Affairs and the Government of Ontario, Canada--will be exhibiting.
Balloch worked for the Department of External Affairs for nearly three decades where he served in several key positions, including Canadian Ambassador to China.
When MI5's Costello file became public in April this year, it laid bare the cut-and-thrust between MI5 and Alister McIntosh, the head of New Zealand's Department of External Affairs, over Costello's security rating.
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