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the United States federal department that promotes and administers domestic and foreign trade (including management of the census and the patent office)

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Along with Jones from the Department of Commerce the Following individuals were present:
Had the Department of Commerce, the press, and pro-NAFTA "economists" properly fulfilled their civic and professional duties, the head lines would have read: "First NAFTA Results Show Job Losses for Americans.
The Department of Commerce (DoC) sent a letter to interested parties on April 24th indicating they would receive the results of the DoC review no later than May 14, 2001.
CONTACT: Andrew Lyles or Dennis Ginty of the Ohio Department of Commerce, 614-466-3636/
Oshkosh Truck recently participated in the Business Development Mission that Secretary Gutierrez and Department of Commerce Under Secretary Franklin Lavin led to Beijing and Shanghai in early November.
He is dedicated to protecting securities investors through efficient regulation consistent with the goals of NASAA and the Ohio Department of Commerce.
The event, sponsored by Governor Janet Napolitano and hosted by the Arizona Technology Council and the Arizona Department of Commerce, recognized the technological and business achievements of Arizona's top companies, organizations and individuals.
The Pennsylvania Department of Commerce has invested $3.
Department of Commerce in consultation with the European Commission developed the "Safe Harbor" framework.
Director of Commerce Donna Owens also stated that the Department of Commerce is aware of several other unlicensed credit repair operations throughout Ohio and that further cease and desist actions would probably occur before the end of the year.
The 2006 GCOI will be the signature event during what the Arizona Technology Council - the event's presenting host along with the Arizona Department of Commerce - has dubbed the Season of Innovation.
31 /PRNewswire/ -- The state Department of Commerce today approved a $50,000 grant to help former employees of Franklin Steel Co.
Jointly we will work with the City of Los Angeles and the US Department of Commerce, State Department, Homeland Security and Congress, and the US Embassy in Seoul to encourage and secure Korea's participation as part of the visa waiver program within the duration of this three year agreement.
The GCOI celebrates innovation by businesses, academia, and non-profit organizations working in Arizona's technology sector and is presented by the Arizona Technology Council and the Arizona Department of Commerce.
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