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Department leadership also developed an algorithm that identified the conditions under which a PT or OT evaluation was appropriate and it was used to educate the doctors, residents, nurses, discharge planners, social workers, and care navigators (Figure 1).
These shuras, the first of their kind, are attended by facilities maintenance staff from provinces throughout a region together with MoI Facilities Department leadership.
Using the tool checkout log to determine the last time the toolbox was utilized, maintenance department leadership decided to open the right side engine bay doors on the aircraft where we had replaced the secondary bleed air valve the previous evening.
The report found that Justice Department leadership did not know about the gunrunning operation and did not try to conceal information from Congress, as some Republican lawmakers have charged.
The half-day meeting featured a series of roundtable discussions moderated by members of the chapters on topics as varied as tax department leadership, SALT hold topics, ASC 740, international developments, and IRS initiatives (such as CAP and QEP).
In coordination with department leadership, the national security staff,
We are asking that you contact your House and Senate representatives, Health and Welfare committee members, as well as the Health and Welfare Department leadership.
I have seen enormous workflow problems elsewhere, precipitated by clueless department leadership.
In recognition of this gift, the Texas A&M athletic department leadership has asked the University requested System Board of Regents to name the extensive new construction as "Blue Bell Park," and that the official name of the baseball facility be changed to C.
Industry executives often miss that their intake/admissions department can significantly increase revenue if they allocate funds for ongoing customer service training and provide strong department leadership, adequate phone coverage and detailed tracking information.
The DCMO, as the integrator of the Department's business operations, will continue to work closely with Department leadership to capitalize on improvement opportunities throughout the business mission area.
But the magazine said that military's intention to topple Zardari is not backed by the State Department leadership.
Bratton will not be difficult to replace because he strategically altered the core of the Los Angeles Police Department leadership team and the culture of the organization.
Energy efficiency goals cannot be met without Defense Department leadership," said Richard Kidd, the Energy Department's federal energy management program director.
Cohn says this is often difficult for department leadership.
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