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classification used for 5 species of terrestrial ferns usually placed in other genera

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Hillebrand reported a single gemma on the tip of one frond of Deparia kaalaana, however, this voucher could not be located.
Deparia kaalaana meets the IUCN criteria in A2, having its population reduction observed, estimated, inferred or suspected in the past where the causes of reduction may not have ceased OR may not be understood OR may not be reversible, + (c) a decline its area of occupancy (AOO), extent of occurrence (EOO), and/or habitat quality; B2- AOO of <10 [km.
DEPARIA {dih-PAIR-ee-uh} Hooker & Greville 1830 * False Spleenworts * [Greek depas, saucer; from the saucer-like indusium of the type species Deparia prolifera.
Several recent classifications tentatively place the families Athyriaceae and Cystopteridaceae in Woodsiaceae, which includes four genera found in the Hawaiian Islands: Athyrium, Cystopteris, Deparia, and Diplazium (Smith et al.
Asplenium leucostegioides, Deparia kaalaana, and Sceptridium subbifoliatum (Ophioglossaceae)) and two are currently federally listed as endangered (Asplenium dielmannii and Dryopteris crinalis var.
A taxonomic study of the athyrioid fern genus Deparia with main reference to the Pacific species.
Kato's treatment of Diplazium and Deparia (1993) considered both genera as separate and distinct, justifying this separation based on the non-decurrent costal grooves and the presence of multicellular hairs on blades in Deparia.
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