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French film actor (born in 1948)

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The letter to Arnault and Depardieu opens with a remark that the CDP has been closely following the attempts of the two to obtain a citizenship other than French and offers them to give some thought to the option of Bulgarian citizenship.
A letter, which the weekly Le Journal du Dimanche said was penned by Depardieu, quickly propelled him into the spotlight, not for his acclaimed acting skills but for raising the sensitive issue of tax exiles as France looks to fill state coffers with a stiff tax on the rich.
And given that he's not exactly small and skinny, it's not hard to guess whose ample costume leading French actor Depardieu will be filling.
It came just a day after actor Depardieu, 64, became a Russian citizen to avoid socialist PM Francois Holl-ande's proposed 75% tax rates on earnings over PS850,000.
Depardieu is furious at French president Francois Hollande's attempt to raise taxes on the mega-rich to 75 percent.
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev seconded the invitation for Depardieu to move to Russia, where the personal income tax is a flat 13 percent.
Le Premier ministre russe, Dmitri Medvedev, a reitere hier vendredi l'invitation faite a l'acteur francais Gerard Depardieu a s'installer en Russie, en l'assurant qu'il ne risquait pas d'augmentation d'impots dans ce pays.
Belgium: Belgium's foreign minister said Monday that France was solely to blame after its top actor Gerard Depardieu threatened to give up his passport following a move to seek tax exile in the neighbouring country.
FILM star Gerard Depardieu is handing back his French passport after he was slated for moving to tax-friendly Belgium.
In which film did Grard Depardieu star as a swashbuckler with a large nose?
ANGRY eyewitnesses have revealed they thought Gerard Depardieu was a terrorist trying to break into the cockpit when he urinated in a plane aisle.
GERARD Depardieu is in the title role as ageing dance hall singer Alain Moreau, with a penchant for sunbeds, streaks in his hair and corny love songs.
Gerard Depardieu and Daniel Auteil are Denis Klein and Leo Vrinks, former best friends turned rival cops who will stop at nothing to get what they want.
French actor Guillaume Depardieu was placed under investigation yesterday on suspicion he threatened a man with an illegal gun at a bar in Normandy.
The most interesting character in ``City of Ghosts'' is a monkey that has been trained by a world-weary bartender (Gerard Depardieu, playing the film's second-most-interesting character) to steal the belongings of guests at the hotel across the street from his hovel.
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