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to remove oxygen from a compound, or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride, or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons

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The solidus was below that of the leaded alloy but higher than the lead/bismuth free alloys, The deoxidation of the Cu-Bi alloy appeared to reduce the solidification range by approximately 10.
Thermodynamic Calculation of Alloying from the Slag and Deoxidation of Metal during Welding, Auto Weld.
Figures 2-5 show the evolution of filiform corrosion from the scribe on the matrix at 250, 500, 750, and 1000 hr for alkaline-cleaned, chromate-based deoxidation, CeCC, and CrCC samples, respectively.
Representatives of this company expressed interest in expansion of the ferroalloy plant in the town of Tash-Kumyr, construction of the magnesium plant using ferrosilicoaluminum for deoxidation, modernization of the hydropower plant for two previously mentioned business projects, rare earth elements and other possible business projects - aluminum, copper.
Effect of the consumption of aluminium in the preliminary deoxidation stage on the activity of nitrogen at different temperatures (calculated values) Logarithm of activity of nitrogen at different temperatures (K) Alloy Melt Consumption 1723 1773 1823 1873 1923 No.
Concentration of coke and CO increased, and deoxidation medium became intense in the dense phase at stepwise combustion, which could greatly reduce N[O.
The lower campaign life is probably associated with a reduction of alumina formation from deoxidation of carbon and low alloy steels with aluminum.
Since the slag contains unavoidably the oxides of metals with variable valence of the type of iron, manganese, titanium, etc, the oxidation--reduction processes taking place in electroslag remelting (this must be taken into account) should be accompanied by deoxidation of the slag pool during melting.
Steel Deoxidation Alloys-CaSIBa, CaSi, FeAl and FeSiZr
Previously, in melting molybdenum in vacuum and deoxidation with carbon it was necessary to maintain the carbon content in the metal at approximately 0.
After four months in operation, the SPAL process at Quality Castings further improved crucible life by another 30%, reduced silicon-titanium deoxidation material by 55% and led to a 25% reduction in welding rework due to improved surface finish.