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to remove oxygen from a compound, or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride, or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons

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The corrosion numbers were similar for the deoxidation and conversion-coating processes.
The present study contains the results of experiments carried out to determine the optimum technology of melting special steels and alloys in a AC plasma-arc furnace with a ceramic hearth (10-14) which shows that a decrease of the nitrogen content of the investigated materials takes place at the start of preliminary deoxidation (Figures 6, 7).
The deoxidation of the slag with the aluminium powder resulted in the complete pickup of titanium and aluminium from the initial metal (Table 2).
Previously, in melting molybdenum in vacuum and deoxidation with carbon it was necessary to maintain the carbon content in the metal at approximately 0.
The deoxidation capability of an inoculant is an important characteristic for its successful performance.
The most suitable deoxidation element for the investigated steels is aluminium.
The amount of slag or deoxidation products contained in the molten metal will determine the required filtration capacity of the filter.
The nitrogen content continues to decrease even after introduction of the deoxidation agents.
According to Gupta, the major reasons for the use of silicon carbide in iron foundry melting are low tramp elements, deoxidation capacity, high quality carbon units, improved lining life in coreless furnaces and a reduction in slag-type defects.
In ferrous metallurgy, titanium is used as an alloying element of steel for reducing the grain size and as a deoxidation agent, for reducing the carbon content of stainless steel, and also in many other branches and applications.
The study determined that to increase the FBF, the amount of aluminum used for deoxidation must be drastically reduced.
In deoxidation with aluminium melting is carried out in argon, and in deoxidation in vacuum with carbon or hydrogen.
high C SiC for deoxidation, coke reduction and melt improvement;
The results show that with other conditions being equal, the number, type and size of the nonmetallic inclusions depend mainly on the type and number of deoxidation agents, the degree of pickup of these agents and the residual mass fraction in completed metal products.
This reduces slag quantity which can be tapped into the ladle, stabilizing and improving alloy recovery, deoxidation and steel cleanliness.