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tall East Indian cedar having spreading branches with nodding tips

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Study by Deodhar (2005) indicates that even for a short distance between growing areas in Himachal Pradesh and the Delhi market, trader margins account for 46 per cent of the consumer rupee spent on apple.
In the works of Deodhar and Srinivasan [6], and Upperman and Vinroot [13] the authors use a certain restriction of our map [OMEGA] composed with the inverse map w [?
The determining factors are similar to those in Karnik (2010) or Rastogi and Deodhar (2009).
of Pittsburgh) and Deodhar (rheumatology, Oregon Health & Science U.
Prof Satish Deodhar of IIM Ahmedabad, CAT's convener, says: "We have to play many roles teaching, research and offering tests.
Summary of: Jones KD, Burckhardt CS, Deodhar AA, Perrin NA, Hanson GC, Bennett RM (2008) A six-month randomized controlled trial of exercise and pyridostigmine in the treatment of fibromyalgia.
the ratio between sales price/assessed value (Benson and Klein 1988), and some the sales price of individual houses (Rackham 1977; Ford 1989; Shaeffer and Millerick 1991; Clark and Herrin 1997; Deodhar 2004).
Pal SR, Dutta DV, Choundhury S, Jolly JG, Deodhar SD, Samant AK, et al.
Atul Deodhar, professor of medicine and medical director of Rheumatology Clinics at Oregon Health & Science University, and an investigator in the secukinumab clinical trial program.
The winning bidder would get to sponsor domestic tournaments -- the Irani Cup, Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Vijay Hazare, and the DB Deodhar Trophy.
The Bruhat graph of a Coxeter group, a conjecture of Deodhar, and rational smoothness of Schubert varieties.
He has also represented Central Zone in the Duleep Trophy and the Deodhar Trophy.
Pandit Shripad Shastri Deodhar Memorial Lectures Sixth Series.
Research has also been applied to practical problems of rumor-mongering (Bordia & Rosnow, 1998; Declerque, Tsui, Abul-Ata, & Barcelona, 1986; Deodhar, Yemul, & Banerjee, 1998; Difonzo, Bordia, & Rosnow, 1994; Fine, 1986; Harrington & Beilby, 1995; Herr, Kardes, & Kim, 1991; lyer & Debevec, 1991; Prasad, 1935, 1950; Rutenberg & Watkins, 1997; Scanlon, 1977; Singh, 1990; Sinha, 1952; Tishkov, 1995).