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small pointed ridge on the exoskeleton of an arthropod

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4-6) was characterised by possessing a greatly depressed head and flat snout that is pointed and wedge-shaped in lateral view, with simple nasal flaps and no nasoral grooves, an arched mouth with well developed upper and labial furrows, body not compressed, spindle or tadpole shaped, a large first dorsal fin proceeded closely by a larger second dorsal fin, moderately sized, paddle shaped pectoral fins, very large pelvic fins and anal fin and a moderately-sized caudal fin with no crest of denticles.
Denticles were not observed on any of the prearticular plates.
One somewhat large denticle on the distal aspect of the ventral edge of the movable cheliceral finger of the holotype, the adult female has two to four spaced denticles.
Small bransoniid-like shell with non-inflated body; snout tapering slightly in dorsal view, separated from body by broad concavity; dorsal margin convex in lateral view; rostral face subcircular, concave laterally around rostrum; beaks opisthogyrate; rostral clefts present; ventral orifice small; anterior gape large, extending length of snout, slight constriction near anterior end, denticles short; large, rounded primary carina; 7-8 rounded, closely spaced, body costae; 13-14 narrower, more widely spaced costae on snout; 14 low, narrow, closely-spaced, concentric costae on rostral face; rostrum smooth; fine, closely spaced, comarginal lirae and coarse growth lines present; larval shell not preserved.
To reduce drag between its body and the water, a shark's skin is covered with toothlike scales, called denticles.
The study with the Natural History Museum in London, led to the discovery that the shape and feel of the shark's denticles varies across its body to manage the flow of water.
06 mm, n=89); with concave lateral margin; rostrum long, well developed and directed forward and upward; weak dorsal denticles and bare ventral tubercles on rostrum; rostrum about 0.
The edges of Majungatholus' bladelike teeth, like those of many carnivores, sport denticles.
Slow moving sharks often have large denticles that act like armor for protection.
Its dermal denticles decrease drag and turbulence by directing water flow over the body, which allows surrounding water to pass over the shark more effectively.
First flagellomere 2 times longer than wide; right surstylus without marginal denticles.
Ventral arch (VA) articulating with ventral margin of mouth hook, sclerotized, two foramens, anterior margin with 20-24 denticles, posterior margin V-shaped; epistomal sclerite (ES) bilobed, welded to both parastomal bars (PB), all C-shaped; parastomal bars posteriorly fused with pharyngeal sclerites.
Lauder said that artificial shark skin needs to have rigid denticles/scales on a flexible substrate so that the biomimetic skin can flex and bend like real shark skin and he is now keen to test how altering the arrangement of the denticles will affect performance.