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small pointed ridge on the exoskeleton of an arthropod

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Second exopodal segment with 4 apical elements (3 spines, 1 seta), 3 inner plumose setae, tiny inflated process near apical margin, and pectinate membrane at base of each apical spine; outer apical spine with row of tiny denticles on anterior and posterior sides (denticles on posterior side not drawn); middle and inner apical spines each with serrations on anterior and posterior sides (serrations on posterior side not drawn) and an accessory process; apical seta plumose, shorter than outer apical spine.
Selden (1984) considered the possible function of pterygotid chelicera, concluding that the animals could rapidly extend these organs during hunting and that the curved tip and multiple denticles of the chelicerae were effective in cutting up prey.
Relevant taxonomic characteristics in the holotype description: "Diagnosis: inner jaw [blade] with 2 accessory teeth, the first one more developed and with 13 denticles.
Denticles of both Tripartiella and Trichodinella species are wedged together both by central parts and anterior blade projection (Lom and Haldar, 1977).
In Paraphidnia the anterior denticle on the vertex is little developed and the posterior part is sometimes broad and developed as a laterally flattened crest (P.
7 [micro]m long, and ending with 5-6 short denticles, all similar in length.
However, it has some juvenile characteristics such as the presence of molariform teeth in the central region and sharp denticles preserved on the postero-lateral angles.
Denticles may be caused by fibroblasts by differentiation of secondary fibroblasts into cells producing hard tissue [1].
The seven categories (and sections) are: Anatomy and morphology (body size, colouration, dermal denticles, dentition, skeletal components, egg cases); Checklists and biological inventories (distribution ranges); Habitats and feeding habits; Life-history patterns (reproduction, age, growth and longevity); Fisheries (soutiieast Pacific, soutiiwest Atlantic); Genetics; and Parasites.
2009), This species characterized by the wall surface smooth with six plates; Primary parietal tubes with transverse septa; exterior of shell with longitudinal purple striations, transverse teeth on sutural edge with denticles on lower region; basis calcareous and uni-tubiferous; inner surface of scutum with conspicuous adductor ridge.
bauri has long and short mandible that has short, emarginated to round, acute, and subapical tooth with blunt to absence of denticles in masticatory margin, emarginated basal margin nd with acute to wide acute basal angle.
Cells posterior to the mounds were imbricate and brachylamellate, with 1--2 pm long denticles extending from their apical edges.
This was used in the Speedo Fastskin FSII swimsuit and is likened to a shark's skin, which has ridges called denticles.
They are covered with short hair or scales and sometimes they have denticles on the edges.