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The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the frequency of cardiac problems in patients seeking dental treatment in two dental hospitals of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Centrally located in London, this beautiful spa-like office can provide its patients all general and cosmetic dental treatment needs with a team of distinguished dentists, specialists, and hygienists all in one office.
The association between the type/total number of dental treatment (independent factors) and the total number of teeth treated (dependent factor) was tested with a multivariate linear regression model.
All of the pediatric patients in Group A and Group B were given routine dental treatment by the same dentist.
Among those who had received dental treatment in past, only 37.
NHS England is responsible for commissioning out-of-hours emergency dental treatment.
To end this problem, the Sharjah Police coordinated with charity organisations, volunteers and the ICOI to provide the best dental treatment to inmates in their cells.
7 million patients - received dental treatment from the health service in the 24 months to March 31, 2014.
I would like to say that times have changed - that pregnancy is no longer a contraindication for dental treatment -- but the stories and questions keep coming.
Axiss Dental has a vision to "streamline and standardize dental treatment by providing the best in dental care, through competent and efficient means in a pleasing and transparent manner".
There are many barriers and obstacles to overcome in order to put these children at ease in order to facilitate their acceptance of dental treatment.
UP to 20,000 children are on waiting lists for dental treatment, a conference heard yesterday.
People can avail of dental treatment at Budapest prices here.
Even after excluding people with diabetes, high blood pressure or coronary artery disease, the scientists found that the rate of cardiovascular events increased significantly in the first four weeks after invasive dental treatment, but returned to normal within six months.
The old type only provided dental treatment for foreigners, he said.