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Peter Higson, chief executive of HIW, added: "These regulations will act as a strong mechanism to encourage continuous improvement in the provision of private dental treatments and the improvement of clinical governance throughout primary dental care in Wales.
Anyone thinking about having dental treatment overseas must make sure that they are aware of the potential risks and the hidden costs.
com, which showed Birmingham was one of the top six places where locals actively enquired about foreign dental treatment.
However he totally refused to wear the prosthesis or to receive any other kind of dental treatment until he was an adult.
NHS England is responsible for commissioning out-of-hours emergency dental treatment.
Dr Suhail Hussain, supervisor of the programme, said dental treatment is very important to the inmates.
6% of those under 18 having had dental treatment in the same time period.
I would like to say that times have changed - that pregnancy is no longer a contraindication for dental treatment -- but the stories and questions keep coming.
DENTAL treatment costs more in Glasgow than anywhere else in the country - around PS57 for adults and PS73 for children.
There are many barriers and obstacles to overcome in order to put these children at ease in order to facilitate their acceptance of dental treatment.
UP to 20,000 children are on waiting lists for dental treatment, a conference heard yesterday.
People can avail of dental treatment at Budapest prices here.
The old type only provided dental treatment for foreigners, he said.
Now, a new study has suggested that acupuncture can prove helpful in the management of the uneasiness related to dental treatment.
Results: Pretreatment questionnaire revealed high level anxiety (16/20 Corah score, and 25/30 modified Corah score) and anticipation of pain during future dental treatment (5/10 on a Visual Analogue Scale).