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com), one of California's largest dental preferred provider organization networks, announced today that it has received California's first-ever license for a discount dental plan.
Delta Dental Plan of Michigan is the leading dental benefits administrator in the Midwest and is a member of Delta Dental Plans Association, a nationwide system of non-profit dental service plans.
will present an opening session at "Imagine Change," the 18th annual conference of the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP).
The report, now in its second year, measures customer satisfaction with dental plan insurance based on five factors (in order of importance): cost, coverage, communications, customer service and reimbursement.
The report is based on responses from more than 5,600 vision and dental plan participants nationwide, measuring member satisfaction based on five key factors: coverage, cost, communication, customer service and reimbursement.
From the basic Dental Plan 460 to the most comprehensive Dental Plan 595 that even provides cosmetic benefits.
Argus Dental Plan is part of the elite group of health and dental vendors chosen to provide coverage options through the website slated to launch this spring.
Another option for many individuals and families is the traditional group dental plan which provides the freedom of a traditional plan, plus the cost savings of a network.
Active SkyMiles members will earn 1,500 miles for joining a family discount dental plan and 1,000 miles for joining an individual discount dental plan.
But Patrick Brooks, president of Laurel Dental Plan Inc.
While typical voluntary dental plan enrollment averages between 30% and 40%, the company is enrolling about 60% of eligible employees into its work-site dental programs.
The Department of Corporations took action against Laurel Dental Plan Inc.
Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Affirms That Argus Dental Plan Meets Nationally Recognized Standards for Quality Care
An affiliate of Delta Dental Plan of California, PMI offers programs for individuals and families, including one tailored for senior citizens at its Web site, www.
Nicholas Kavouklis, president of Argus Dental Plan, who coined the phrase "Dental Saving Account.