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an ache localized in or around a tooth

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We can only give pain relief and people with dental pain need to go to the dentist, not A&E.
I am aiming to raise the same amount as I raised last year to help Bridge2Aid with the fantastic work it does in providing dental pain relief and, importantly, in training local healthcare workers so they, ultimately, can provide a sustainable, safe, emergency dental service for their local communities.
This includes hospital emergency room referral programs to connect people with severe dental pain to dentists who can provide needed treatment and expanding programs like Give Kids a Smile, which currently provides dental services to approximately 400,000 underserved children at more than 1,500 events.
Yet one reason people go to emergency rooms with dental pain is that many dentists don't accept Medicaid patients.
Professor Jim Lucey of St Patrick's Mental Health Services in Dublin said: "We have discovered muscle aches, joint pains, headaches, chronic fatigue and dental pain can be caused or part caused by mental health problems.
My ultimate goal as a dentist to the club is to maKe sure dental issues do not happen such as abscesses or dental pain in the season.
Mushaima said he needed to be sent to a consultant doctor because he has back and dental pain.
With Rory McIlroy pulling out in the second round with severe dental pain, Tiger Woods has a chance to jet up the leaderboard Saturday in the thrid round of the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
The families of the Palestinian prisoners announced they were ready to pay for the fees of the dental services as the prisoners sent several messages to their families and the Palestinian authorities about their unbearable dental pain, but the Israeli authorities do not allow them any access to this service.
The 2 450 participants in the review went to their doctor with a cold and symptoms such as facial pain, dental pain, postnasal drip, or purulent nasal discharge for more than a week but less than a month.
Another well known clinical situation that may contribute to calculus accumulation is non-functioning teeth as a result of severe dental pain in children (disused teeth).
Three in every ten adults suffer from regular dental pain, a quarter of adults don't brush their teeth twice a day and over four-fifths of the population have at least one filling.
Children with poor oral health are nearly three times more likely to miss school as a result of dental pain compared to children with good oral health, according to a study in the October AJPH.
The Teeth Are Part of the Body: A Case of Acute Dental Pain
Competing alongside 20 other teams, the Lloyds TSB Commercial team raised pounds 2,800 for specialist UK dental charity Bridge2Aid, which provides essential access to dentistry work and dental pain relief for millions of people in the developing world.