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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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16)-(18) However, the surfaces of dental mirrors or other dental and medical instruments could be corroded, and the photocatalytic thin films or the polymer films coated on dental mirror substrate surfaces could be peeled off by disinfecting operations that use an autoclve or chemicals.
Doniger, for years she relied on a dental mirror to help explain to her patients that a crack, marginal defect or other condition required treatment.
Also included is a dental mirror, so when you feel something stuck in your mouth you can easily detect and remove it with the scaler and pick.
The children recruited at the preschool facilities were examined using a small flashlight and a dental mirror for the presence or absence of caries.
Cavitated carious lesions were diagnosed after visual examination using a blunt probe and a dental mirror according to the criteria by Koch et al.
PantherJaw Technologies won the competition with an innovative dental mirror called ClearStrike , a self-cleaning, disposable dental mirror to combat the buildup of fog and debris, the idea for which came from
abrasives facility and a new dental manufacturing facility for its Union Broach endodontic instrument and dental mirror division in York, Pa.
5 percent brighter than standard rhodium-coated dental mirrors, with improved image clarity, color and brightness during exams and procedures.