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an implant that replaces a natural tooth

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The investigator-initiated Phase 1 trial used Cytori Cell Therapy in patients with insufficient maxillary bone prior to dental implantation.
Our patient had prognathism as well as abnormal dental implantation limiting mouth opening to 3 cm.
Titanium and necessity of renovation in modern dental implantation Titanium and its alloys play as a good material to fuse tightly to bone to protect dental prosthetics utilized widely in dental implants today [1], data in Table 1 illustrates the highly used commercial titanium alloys today[2-3], However, there are still some restrictive conditions that may cause hipper sensitivity, corrosion, bacterial infections, and unpleasant Cell Interactions which may reject dental implantations and reduce best life time of it [4] In a review article performed in 2012, mainly 3 aspects of titanium based on published articles were considered briefly described below[4] :
Early and delayed dental implantation (clinical and experimental study), Dissertation of Doctor of Medicine, Samara
The conclusions drawn after reviewing the relevant literature on immediate dental implantation are: (1) Implants placed into fresh extraction sockets have a high rate of survival, ranging between 93.
Smoking may adversely affect wound healing thus jeopardize the success of bone grafting and dental implantation.
Sonick, a periodontist, and Hwang, a periodontist and implant surgeon, bring together 23 chapters that help clinicians such as general dentistry practitioners, prosthodontists, and surgeons decide if, when, and how to create a ridge site amenable to dental implantation.
This work gathers recent international research on dental implantation and related technology, highlighting areas such as dental implants in oral cancer patients, placing and loading implants, and graft materials in maxillary sinus augmentation procedures.
There are 50 staff members at the centre, some of which include doctors and nurses who specialise in various departments including: General and family medicine; orthopedics; oral surgery; general surgery; dermatology; endocrinology and a diabetic clinic; pediatrics and soon dental implantation.