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a pathological condition resulting from an excessive intake of fluorine (usually from drinking water)

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While dental fluorosis is very common, we are more concerned about skeletal fluorosis as it can lead to structural deformities," Bhagotia adds.
This suggests that concerns about mild dental fluorosis may be exaggerated.
Mild dental fluorosis, or mottling of the teeth, has increased in fluoridated communities from 13.
Agreement amongst examiners assessing dental fluorosis from digital photographs using the TF index.
Aim of the present study is to present the clinical findings of dental fluorosis in the isolated population of Brava, the smallest island among the Cape Verde Islands.
In fact, too much fluoride causes mottling of teeth ( ie dental fluorosis.
There is evidence that 48% of people in areas of fluoridisation suffer from dental fluorosis which, for some people, can be disfiguring.
A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association in 2000 states that overuse of fluoride toothpaste in very young children can cause dental fluorosis, a condition that makes unsightly discolorations appear on the surface of the teeth.
Excessive amounts of fluoride in drinking-water supplies produce adverse health effects and unsightly dental fluorosis (brownish discoloration of teeth), which increase with fluoride concentration (Okun, 1986).
They complain that too much fluoride causes dental fluorosis, which makes teeth brittle and leads to unsightly mottling.
In the UK, 48 per cent of children living in fluoridated areas such as Coventry have dental fluorosis, a disease caused by exposure to toxic levels of fluoride - above 3mg per day.
Prevalence of dental caries and dental fluorosis in areas with optimal and above-optimal water fluoride concentrations.
At higher levels, it can cause dental fluorosis, a discoloring (usually browning) and pitting of teeth (SN: 7/19/80, p.