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Synonyms for filling

Synonyms for filling

any material that fills a space or container


Related Words

flow into something (as a container)

a food mixture used to fill pastry or sandwiches etc

the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving

(dentistry) a dental appliance consisting of any of various substances (as metal or plastic) inserted into a prepared cavity in a tooth

the act of filling something

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But this would require introduction of economical and environment-friendly alternatives in health sector especially for dental filling, thermometers and other medical apparatus and mining, he highlighted.
The Question: Does the material used in children's dental fillings affect their behavior?
a no-mix version of the popular dental filling product that offers consumers more convenience.
18) Over time, improvements were made in the mercury amalgam compound, which led to a durable dental filling material.
Surgical removal is sufficient because fungus balls air not known to recto: We describe an interesting case of a sinonasal fungus ball that resembled dental filling material on radiologic imaging because of its extraordinatry radiopacity.
He then punched him in the face,knocking out a dental filling and leaving his face bruised.
If you have a metallic dental filling, you probably have a small amount of mercury in your mouth.
An individual can have a lifetime of fluoridated water for less than the cost of one dental filling.
Dental amalgam has been the go-to dental filling material for more than 150 years, because it's affordable and durable.
This finding is perhaps the most ancient evidence of pre-historic dentistry in Europe and the earliest known direct example of therapeutic-palliative dental filling so far," Bernardini said.
The late 1970s saw the introduction of both the Red Fox line of cocoa butter products and Dentemp, the first temporary dental filling mix for consumers.
Once healed, the previously-decayed tooth is very resistant to further decay, unlike a dental filling which needs replacing throughout life.
Deputy Director Climate Change Ministry Climate Change Ministry Dr Zaigam Abbas while taking reporter said that absence of a legal viable mechanism in the country was a major cause of unchecked hazardous mercury's use in different forms including cosmetic products (whitening creams and soaps), dental filling, light bulbs, medical devices (thermometers and blood pressure-related medical apparatus), vaccines and batteries.
Washington, May 9 ( ANI ): A new composite material, which is made up of silver and calcium nanoparticles, could work as a dental filling that kills remaining bacteria so that patients don't have to make a return trip to the dentist.
Arsalan Hyder, Deputy Director, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination emphasized to create awareness in general public and to sensitize dentist about the use of mercury in dental filling.