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hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth


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Therefore, these medicines can be considered potential drugs that promote alterations in dental enamel.
The scientists have also measured the strontium isotope composition of dental enamel.
Tooth floating is defined in the legislation as the performance of an equine dental procedure on bovine, equine, porcine or other livestock to remove dental enamel points or smooth, contour, or level incisors or dental arcades or extract deciduous or vestigial teeth without sedatives, tranquillizers or other prescription anesthetics.
Over time, osteoporosis, dental enamel defects, muscle wasting, and other effects of malabsorption can result.
Fluoride is of interest because of its toxic properties and its effect on dental enamel and bone.
Bacteria that live in the dental plaque, called Streptococcus mutans, feed off of sugar on our teeth and then excrete acids, which wear away dental enamel and cause cavities, To create cavity-fighting microbes, the MIT team started with a peptide--a short protein segment--that has been previously shown to prevent the bad bacteria from sticking to the teeth.
There are increased rates of atopy and there are oral manifestations [in the form of] dental enamel defects such as yellow spots, white spots, and brown spots," he added.
Assessment of systemic physiological perturbations from dental enamel hypoplasias and associated structures.
Dental enamel preserves a permanent record of the amount of radioactive material in the atmosphere at the time a tooth was formed.
The erosion of dental enamel, hypersensitivity to hot and cold, redness of the throat, oral sores, signs of malnutrition, and a mottling of the teeth as a result of repeated contact with acidic vomited contents, are all signs of an eating disorder that only a dentist might discover.
The group concluded that the fossils were those of a hominid because the upper canines are small and the dental enamel is thicker than in chimpanzees but thinner than in Australopithecine.
Even if it is a low calorie drink, it is acidic and can erode dental enamel.
Young, Infrared determination of the degree of substitution of hydroxyl by carbonate ions in human dental enamel, Calcif.
Xylitol is also found to inhibit the demineralisation of dental enamel and encourage remineralisation in the initial stages of caries.