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a high speed drill that dentists use to cut into teeth


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Although the majority of the patients (28%) replied that they will feel a little uneasy about the dental drill, still there was a significant proportion of patients (25%) who responded that they will feel 'tense'.
The traditional dental drill made awful noise, this is much better.
During surgery, the dental drill became loose and slid down her throat, causing the patient to swallow it.
With the tongue retracted by the mouthpiece, it is kept away from the dental procedure and the dental drill, the manufacturer states.
Can a gadget that cancels out the noise of the dental drill help usher in an age of lessened dental anxiety?
By the way, folks, I was reading this week that scientists have developed a gadget to block out the noise of the dental drill for nervous patients.
Washington, Jan 10 (ANI): For many, the sound of the dental drill is a big cause of anxiety when it comes to visiting a dentist.
The company says Watershed XC 11122 and ProtoGen 18420 can be recommended for use in applications that include medical-device prototypes, anatomical modeling, investment casting patterns (to produce implantable hip and knee joint replacements), hearing aid manufacturing, and surgical and dental drill guides, www.
believes Item A is a drive mechanism for a flexible shaft tool, such as a dental drill.
A four second intra muscular buttocks injection is different from a four second whirl of a high speed dental drill in the mouth.
We have American inventor George Green to thank for the creation of the first dreaded dental drill - a pneumatic tool powered by a pedal bellows - in 1875, and the ancient Chinese (again) for the existence of the toothbrush and toothpaste.
Haydn Burgwyn, who is organising the collection of memorabilia, said: "We have already salvaged many items, including a brass microscope and a 1940s dental drill, but we still need anything that people are happy to donate to the project, including nurses' uniforms from the different decades.
Canadian roboticists developed a line of polite robots, an Israeli company called Tactile Technologies was testing a robotic dental drill, and researchers at the Maharishi University of Management found that people who practice Transcendental Meditation tend to live longer.
The dental drill hitting an under-novacained nerve.