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Synonyms for auxiliary

Synonyms for auxiliary

giving or able to give help or support

a person who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of the superior's responsibilities

Synonyms for auxiliary

someone who acts as assistant

functioning in a supporting capacity

furnishing added support

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Poor posture and being a dental auxiliary were associated with back pain.
It is up to government officials and agencies at all levels, professional dental organizations, dental schools and dental auxiliary training programs, dental education accrediting bodies or agencies, advocacy organizations, the healthcare insurance industry, parents and/or legal guardians and, most important, those individuals with disabilities to ensure that this scenario is multiplied countless times in the future.
During that year, I spoke with Mary George who was the current director of the Dental Auxiliary Teacher Education (D.
If you worked as a part-time VA nurse, physicians' assistant, or expanded-function dental auxiliary and retired between April 1986 and January 2002, you may be eligible for additional pension benefits.
The North Dakota Board of Dental Examiners recently approved expanding the scope of practice of Registered Dental Assistants and dental hygienists to include Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary.
I became a dental hygienist because after a 14-year career as an expanded function dental auxiliary, I really wanted to increase my ability to provide patient care.
Abolishes the Dental Auxiliary Fund and requires the deposit of all funds from the regulation of dental assistants to be deposited in the State Dental Assistant Fund.
The purpose was to provide a mechanism for dental auxiliary educators to share their knowledge, express opinions, exchange ideas and publish papers.
The CTDAA has been pressing for legislation for approximately the past 10 years to define levels of dental assisting that include Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary.
Table 26: Clock Hours of Instruction: Dental Auxiliary Utilization Team, 2003-04