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a gradient in concentration of a solute as a function of distance through a solution

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The VAP test uses single vertical spin, inverted rate zonal, and density gradient ultracentrifugation simultaneously to measure concentrations of cholesterol for all five lipoproteins LDL, VLDL, IDL, HDL, Lp(a), and subclasses.
Since radio models cannot disentangle electron density from brightness temperatures, they are often guided by results obtained using optical density gradient methods [22, p.
As earlier described, the COMIS model can apply a linear density gradient on either side of a large opening, based on user-defined temperature gradients in the adjacent zones.
For research studies, it is not difficult to produce alternative groupings of the 26 HDL subpopulations to make the reported subfractions more similar to those produced by other analytic methods such as density gradient ultracentrifugation and gradient gel electrophoresis.
For density gradient of purification, density-adjusted iodixanol was significantly associated with success (OR = 3.
3] filled HDPE has provided several relevant results: (i) cavity density increases with deformation state, (ii) cavity density is more important in the nanocomposite than in the neat polymer, (iii) cavity density is inhomogeneous within tensile specimen, and (iv) cavity density gradient is more marked in the neat material compared to the filled one.
Endosomal vesicle fraction was obtained by continuous (12-48%) iodixonol density gradient centrifugation.
Enrichment of SSC was done either by discontinuous Percoll density gradient (van Pelt et al.
Lipid raft isolation using sucrose density gradient method enabled us to study the signaling proteins involved in this process.
Both swim-up and density gradient centrifugation methods have been evaluated for DNA damage.
Black Sea currents regime also depends on river water volume contribution, water density gradient and sea floor.
More recent reviews of density gradient research (McDonald 1989; Papageorgiou 1989; Richardson 1988) agree about several salient trends: 1) that a centralized distance-decay gradient characterized most North American cities over most of the 19th and 20th centuries; 2) that density gradients dropped considerably in the post-WW II period; 3) that there is great variation from city to city that is related to variable features such as city size, age, municipal political structure and economic base; and 4) that mixed use nodes and higher density communities in outer parts of some larger metropolitan areas have complicated, if not altered, the fundamental parameters of city structure which, in such cases, can only be captured by more complex, non-linear models (e.
Rapid isolation of low density lipoprotein (LDL) subfractions from plasma by density gradient ultracentrifugation.
After the separation in Percoll density gradient, the granulocytes were separated from agranulocytes and pure granulocytes were obtained.
The establishment of a density gradient between surface and core or vertical density profile of particleboard during pressing is critical to most properties, particularly bending strength and face SWR (Plath and Schnitzler 1974, Geimer et al.
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