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the outcome of a complex sequence of events

the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work

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All this experience is drawn on as he tackles Manrico, a part which requires him to show great tenderness, passion and fire, and then at the denoument to face the death of his love, and then his own.
In his critique of Sahlins' theoretical elaboration of the concept of heroic history Mosko argues that instatiation is not really a 'moment' in the same sense that denoument and totalisation are.
The bizarre finish was was tough luck on the home side, who could have snatched victory even before the final farcical denoument.
But the obsession with that dramatic denoument obscures the broader question that companies ought to be asking themselves, which is this: Given its unique role, how can the board, on a continuing basis, provide significant and sustainable value to the enterprise, to its leaders, and, ultimately, to its shareholders?
As the region continues to diversify economically, and as population shifts more towards a multi-hued Southern working class, the sad denoument to Botsch's history of the Brown Lung Association may turn out to be more of a prologue than a conclusion.