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British physicist (born in Hungary) noted for his work on holography (1900-1979)


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Holograms were first conceived by Dennis Gabor in 1947 and collections that preserve the science's history are rare.
The first hologram was invented by scientist Dennis Gabor in Rugby in 1947.
She has co-founded several companies and has received several awards including the Dennis Gabor Award, Fellow of IEEE, OSA and SPIE, and the John Fritz Medal, widely considered the highest award in the engineering profession.
Since holograms were first conceived by Dennis Gabor in 1947, there have been at least 20.
Dennis Gabor, who invented the hologram, lived in Bilton Road, and Sir Frank Whittle lived in Rugby and did some of the development work on his jet engine here.
Research faculty member Leon Glebov, of the College of Optics and Photonics and Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL), won SPIE's Dennis Gabor Award for outstanding accomplishments in technologies relating to the bending of lightwaves.
The foundations of holography were laid by Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian scientist working in the UK, in a patent and a series of papers written between 1948 and 1951 that were aimed at microscopy.
For the first time ever on a British stamp a hologram has been printed, commemorating the achievements of physicists from all walks of science, but notably Hungarian-born scientist Dennis Gabor.
Csaba Szabo has received the 2004 Dennis Gabor Award in Budapest, Hungary.
He was the recipient of numerous prestigious awards over his career including: the Joseph Fraunhofer Medal of the Optical Society of America, the Thomas Young Medal of the Institute of Physics--London, the Dennis Gabor Award of SPIE, the Henderson Medal of the Royal Photographic Society, the Walter Boas Medal of the Australian Institute of Physics and Gold Medals of the Australian Optical Society and SPIE.
Holograms were invented by Hungarian-born scientist Dennis Gabor while he was living in Bilton Road, Rugby, in 1947.
In 1955 he developed single sideband holography, a technique to suppress the second image seen in the (relatively) few holograms that were being exposed at the time, only eight years after Dennis Gabor managed to make the first hologram with a filtered are light.