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In addition, Denmark has a significant services trade with the U.
Ukash's launch in Denmark means Danish consumers will be able to obtain Ukash in their local currency, Danish krone (DKK).
EU legislation passed in 2008 requires persons carrying cash or instruments exceeding 10,000 Euros to report the relevant amount to Customs officials upon entry to or exit from Denmark.
Thus, we conclude that the pathogen was acquired during the patient's visit to Vancouver Island and imported to Denmark.
Since then, Denmark has continued to care for other elderly people in Dallas, explaining: "My grandmother always taught me do the best you can and never say what you can't do.
Denmark founded its own eco-certification for green hotels, The Green Key, in 1994.
Fixtures: Sep 4 Denmark v Ukraine, Turkey v Georgia, Albania v Greece.
Scotland 3 (Billy Steel, Lawrie Reilly, Robert Mitchell) Denmark 1
Denmark 1, Scotland 0 (1971) Scotland lose a European Championship qualifier to a goal from Finn Laudrup, father of Brian and Michael.
Denmark is one of the world leaders in green power technologies, which is fuelling the country into becoming one the most energy efficient places on earth, says Rene Larson, a Thunder Bay city councillor.
1955 - Denmark 1 England 5 in Copenhagen (friendly).
15 that the deal had passed muster as far as the impact of the merger outside of Denmark is concerned.
Camilla Andersen and Mia Hundvin are legally registered partners in Denmark and now proud owners of two Olympic team handball medals--gold and bronze, respectively.