nitrogen cycle

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the circulation of nitrogen

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Denitrifying bacteria obtain energy for metabolism and growth from the oxidation of reduced iron and manganese (Sarin et al.
Comparing the number of microorganisms in the row with the inter-row, a reduction of 8-32% was found in the inter-row, but this reduction was significant only for the counts of the total and denitrifying bacteria (Fig.
Philippot L, Hallin S (2005) Finding the missing link between diversity and activity using denitrifying bacteria as a model functional community.
Conventional technologies, such as activated sludge, rely on bacteria with fast-growth life strategies in which nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria grow suspended in the water column.
Not only had the hydrocarbon contamination decreased, but there was a change in the microbial community composition, with more denitrifying bacteria present.
Oxygen-depleted waters also provide the perfect environment for the growth of a specialized group of bacteria called denitrifying bacteria.
Initial reactions in the anaerobic oxidation of toluene and m xylene by denitrifying bacteria.
Pumps would control the flow of polluted water into and through the marsh to ensure prolonged contact between nitrate-laden water and denitrifying bacteria.
A factor that reduces denitrification efficiency, independently from nitrite, is dissolved oxygen (DO) [10, 11] because most of the common denitrifying bacteria are facultative anaerobes, preferring oxygen to nitrite as the electron acceptor.
Additionally, we examined microbial community properties including microbial biomass, denitrifying bacteria abundance, and rates of denitrification and soil respiration.