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Chinese communist statesman (1904-1997)

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The enigmatic Deng Xiao Ping emerged as China's de facto leader when Zhou En Lai's successors, the Gang of Four, were purged.
Madame Deng Nan, the daughter of Deng Xiao Ping and the Executive Secretary General of the China Association of Science and Technology, is the China Co-Chair.
It was in 1978 that China's leader Deng Xiao Ping ditched the unyielding prescriptions of communism and welcomed limited free-market reforms.
This was introduced by Prime Minister Deng Xiao Ping in the late '80s as a means of attracting investments so that the post-Mao Chinese could work in meaningful jobs, as opposed to laboring away on farms.
El viraje, al mismo tiempo brusco y pragmatico, que vuelve las espaldas al seudo igualitarismo de Mao, dando lugar al historico proceso de reformas conducido por Deng Xiao Ping, es certeramente interpretado en su motivacion defensiva y su caracter al menos parcialmente imitativo.
As Deng Xiao Ping, Mao's successor, once famously said: "Who cares whether the cat is black or white so long as it catches mice?
The evident boom of the last few years is the blossoming of decades of economic reform begun by President Deng Xiao Ping in 1978, when he began the conversion from a closed country to a "market-compatible" economy.
It is as absurd as Hill describes - Jonathan Aitken is in Ford Open Prison, a mobile jail made by the Ford Motor Company, Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping is staying in Walthamstow during a State visit to Britain and is desperate to get to Tower Records so he can buy a Status Quo album.
Four dead communist leaders attended the conference--Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Deng Xiao Ping.
People whose mother didn't even bid on them include Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping, Wendy's founder Dave Thomas and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.
Bush seems to have forgotten that starry-eyed prognosticators have been saying the same thing for more than 20 years, ever since Deng Xiao Ping instituted the first "democratic" reforms in Communist China in the late '70s.
Without a strong academic foundation and stimulating input, it was left to pragmatic leaders such as Deng Xiao Ping (China), Li Guangyao (Singapore), and Dr.