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the brightest star in Cygnus

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One of the most prominent is the "Great Rift"--a giant cloud of dust and gas that blocks the starlight from the Milky Way behind it--stretching from Deneb to Altair.
Prior to joining IOC, Jay served as the senior vice president of research and development of Deneb Robotics, a Michigan-based software manufacturer.
As their first external furniture product range, the Deneb Outdoor system by Stua derives from the Deneb table, designed by Jesus Gasca.
Deneb is the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus (SIG-nus), which means swan in Latin.
Most notably, at age 21, he and three partners would found Deneb Robotics Inc.
The 1999 Market Leadership Award is presented to Deneb Robotics.
CATIA-CADAM and DENEB Solutions enable total simulation of the creation of a product.
In Europe, it's reported that Dassault will try to convert such users as Renault and Toyota to CATIA, Enovia, and Deneb products.
Isidro Bosche and Deneb Karentz of San Francisco University have discovered that starfish embryos grow abnormally when exposed to high levels of ultraviolet rays in the spring, when the Antarctic ozone hole is at its worst, and similar effects have been studied in icefish eggs and the seedlings of some plant species.
Also intriguing is the way the indicated declinations matching the prehistoric positions of Deneb and other stars seem to fit the available corrected 14C dates very well.
Deneb Karentz of the University of California, San Francisco, lauds the Canadian team for focusing on the interactions between different ecosystem levels.
Three bright stars mark the triangle: Vega (part of Lyra, the Harp); Deneb (tail of Cygnus, the Swan); Altair (eye of Aquila, the Eagle).
Deneb adapted the software from its robotic visualization software.
1819) After a night of whisk and brag and gin and water At Rice's cardplaying club on Poland Street, Coming out before dawn under the lyric stars, Vega conspicuous at the point of the Lyre A five o'clock of a summer morning encompassing 286 square degrees of the London Arabic sky, The whole fate drama hoving into view, While the slow making of souls of overshadows Every thing--in this vale of sorrows and of The stubborn drive to find something outside The frail shell of ourselves and our concerns With which we might identify-- The burden of the mystery producing a sharp, acute Light that pierces the drawingroom, the sparring Ring and the cockpit footloose Junkets haunts, Deneb and Altair locked across the dark Sky to form the asterism known as the Summer Triangle