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the brightest star in Cygnus

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Deneb though is estimated to be more than 3000 light years distant.
Procyon, Pollux, Castor, and Capella are fairly low in the west to northwest; Vega and Deneb are in the northeast; Saturn and Antares rise in the southeast.
Stargazers will be having a nice time watching the night sky with the famous Summer Triangle of the stars Vega, Deneb and Altair," Pagasa said.
One of the most prominent is the "Great Rift"--a giant cloud of dust and gas that blocks the starlight from the Milky Way behind it--stretching from Deneb to Altair.
Exploring what astronomic lore has to say about 15,000 BC, in the Paleolithic era when Deneb, the brightest star in Cygnus, was the Pole Star, The Cygnus Mystery probes the roots of the amazing physical and neurological transformation in humanity from beasts to fully conscious and complex psychological beings, a metamorphosis that happened almost overnight in geological terms.
Go out at the right time, face northwest--and there's Vega sparkling away, with Deneb higher above it.
As their first external furniture product range, the Deneb Outdoor system by Stua derives from the Deneb table, designed by Jesus Gasca.
Most notably, at age 21, he and three partners would found Deneb Robotics Inc.
And from the model we also can run lifelike, 3-D animations of the system that even the accountants and financial people can understand," says Deidra Donald, Deneb Robotics product manager.
The 1999 Market Leadership Award is presented to Deneb Robotics.
In Europe, it's reported that Dassault will try to convert such users as Renault and Toyota to CATIA, Enovia, and Deneb products.
As previously announced, Dassault Systemes completed the acquisition of Deneb on December 30, 1997 and IBM's ProductManager on April 1, 1998.
Isidro Bosche and Deneb Karentz of San Francisco University have discovered that starfish embryos grow abnormally when exposed to high levels of ultraviolet rays in the spring, when the Antarctic ozone hole is at its worst, and similar effects have been studied in icefish eggs and the seedlings of some plant species.