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short fiber that conducts toward the cell body of the neuron

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The introduction of dendrons into the P(ECH-co-E0) is expected to greatly modify the hydrodynamic volume of the system.
One track, Journey's End, is a touching tribute to a colleague who passed away 15 months ago Roddy explained: ``I used to be in a band called The Dendrons.
The finalists are The Finger Dendrons, Osmosis, The Ronnie Taheny Band, Redhead and The McCluskeys.
This book will be mainly focussed on the properties and uses of dendrimers and dendrons.
Dendrons and dendrimers have well-defined structure and size, and are usually prepared by multistep reactions with tedious isolation and purification procedures.
Roddy Hart, considered one of Scotland's next big things, is the driving force behind Glasgow-based The Dendrons, who were hit by tragedy in August this year when bassist Derek MacMillan died of lymphona cancer.
The Finger Dendrons from Cork won the first heat of the Bacardi/Hot Press Unplugged regional final in the city's College Bar.
Kush, The Dendrons, Driveblind, Zuba, The Roughness, Babacool