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Synonyms for Dendrocolaptes

type genus of the Dendrocolaptidae

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Sterna forsteri, Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae, and Vireo brevipennis; Rojas-Soto and Oliveras de Ita, 2005).
Geographic variation of plumage patterns in the woodcreeper genus Dendrocolaptes (Dendrocolaptidae).
Several other species, especially the woodcreepers Dendrocincla fuliginosa and Dendrocolaptes picumnus and the antbirds Hylophylax poecilinota, Percnostola rufifrons, and Formicarius colma, feed at swarms that pass through their territories, but do not follow swarms as they enter a neighboring territory (Willis 1972, 1982a, b, Hilty and Brown 1986).
Hylexetastes perrotii, and Dendrocolaptes picumnus.
Generos Glyphorynchus, Campylorhamphus, Dendrocincla, Xiphorhynchus e Dendrocolaptes.
haematogaster (#) (+) DB,BB,SB VR DENDRODOLAPTIDAE 143 Dendrocincla fuliginosa SB,BB,BS VARC 144 Glyphorhynchus spirurus SB,BB,BS VRC 145 Sittasomus griseicapillus BB,DB VRC 146 Xiphocolaptes DB VAC promeropirhynchus (#) 147 Dendrocolaptes certhia (#) DB VA 148 Lepidocolaptes souleyetii BS,BB VAR 149 Xiphorhynchus picus PA,BS,BB V 150 X.
cooperii, Aratinga canicularis, Streptoprocne semicollaris, Trogon collaris, Aulacorhynchus prasinus, Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae, Myadestes occidentalis, Melanotis caerulescens, Vermivora crissalis), cuatro amenazadas (Geotrygon albifacies, Automolus rubiginosus, Catharus frantzii, Oporornis tolmiei) y dos en peligro de extincion (Eupherusa poliocerca, Cyanolyca mirabilis).