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Dendrocalamus giganteus is distributed mostly in South Asian countries, such as India, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, and Burma (Chongtham et al.
6] studied amino acid content of freshly harvested, fermented, and canned shoots of Dendrocalamus giganteus.
In vitro seed germination of economically important edible bamboo Dendrocalamus membranaceus Munro.
Ultrastructure of fibre and parenchyma cell walls during early stages of culm development in Dendrocalamus asper.
latifolia 14 Babul Acacia nilotica 15 Hiwar Acacia leucophloea 16 Nilgiri Eucalyaptus globosa 17 Bamboo Dendrocalamus strictus.
Vigas de concreto reforcadas com bambu Dendrocalamus giganteus.
2006) who found that in Sri Lanka, Ochlandra stridula, which flowers annually, had a significantly higher genetic diversity compared to Dendrocalamus giganteus, which seldom flowers.
Clump-forming bamboos growing in tight clumps such as Bambusa, Chusquea, Dendrocalamus, Drepanostachyum, Fargesia, Himalayacalamus, Schizostachyum, Shibataea and Thamnocalamus are less invasive and best for garden cultivation.
Germinacion in vitro de semillas de Dendrocalamus strictus (Rosb.
In the late 1990s Australian bamboo growers planted commercial areas of Dendrocalmus asper, Bambusa oldhamii, Dendrocalamus latiflorus and a couple of other species for shoots,' he says.
The bamboo stumps were surveyed at random for the presence of aquatic organism in selected groves of Dendrocalamus hamiltoni between August and September 2006.
Ultraestructura de bambues del genero Dendrocalamus (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) cultivados en Costa Rica III: Dendro-calamus giganteus.
K Naik (2005) characterized seven species of bamboos: Bambusa Balcooa, Bambusa Bambos, Bambusa Nutans, Bambusa Tulda, Dendrocalamus Giganteus, Dendrocalamus Strictus, and Melocanna Bambusoides.