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3] Nonstandard abbreviations: HF, heart failure; ANP, Atrial natriuretic peptide; BNP, B-type natriuretic peptide; CNP, C-type natriuretic peptide; DNP, Dendroaspis natriuretic peptide; NPRs, natriuretic peptide receptors.
Dendroaspis Common, Forests or Local pain, angusticeps eastern bush angusticeps green, on eastern swelling, white - coast of lymphangitis, mouthed Africa, from peripheral gangrene; mamba Kenya to South mildly neurotoxic; Africa one fatal case Dendroaspis Black mamba Savanna of Potently neurotoxic; polylepis eastern and nausea, vomiting, southern sweating, Africa involuntary muscle contractions or fasciculations; respiratory paralysis may develop within 1-2 hours; cardiac dysrhythmias have been described; high incidence of fatal cases Garter snakes Small fossorial, nocturnal elapid (genus snakes, with very short tails, Elapsoidea) cylindrical bodies, with no distinct neck and a bluntly rounded rostral scale as in other burrowing species.
Smith, 1840), Black-necked spitting cobra (Naja nigricollis Reinhardt, 1843) and Dendroaspis polylepis (Gunther, 1864).
Estas proteinas se llaman dendrotoxinas y se han aislado de Dendroaspis sp.
Las especies dominantes son acuaticas o terrestres, con excepcion de Boiga blandingi y Dendroaspis viridis que son arboricolas y terrestres, y C.