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a device that can interleave two or more activities

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Engineering samples of the Theta SR SMI10021 MUX and SMI10031 DEMUX devices are available now, and scheduled to enter volume production in the fourth quarter of 2011.
JDSU's 40Gb/s transponder employs Semtech's SMI4027 MUX and SMI4037 DEMUX chipset to convert data signals from electrical to optical formats and back again.
an industry leader in silicon photonics, today announced successful demonstration of their Echelle grating Mux and Demux for 500 Gb/s wavelength division multiplexing applications.
Components in the supply chain such as these new 40G mux and demux devices from Sierra Monolithics will play a key role in helping to ensure that growing traffic demands don't outstrip network capacities.
New PS8318 and PS8312 DisplayPort(TM) Demux Products Leverage Proven Advanced Equalizer and Aux Channel Link Training Combination to Assure DisplayPort Source Compliance for Desktop, Notebook, and Docking Station PC Applications
Secondly, it can be combined with an interleaver to provide a 50-GHz, flat-top, 80-channel mux / demux in the same small footprint.