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Synonyms for Demotic

Synonyms for Demotic

a simplified cursive form of the ancient hieratic script

the modern Greek vernacular


of or for the common people

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Raymond Pettiben, whom Buchloh has championed on Just these grounds, exploits visionary and prophetic tracts from American charismatic sects also In a demotic graphic style.
and numerous Hieroglyphic, Demotic, and Hieratic texts record travelers and quarrying expeditions in the region throughout the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom periods and later.
Orwell served him well in 1942, putting his finger as usual on the quintessential Kiplingesque atmosphere of the demotic cockney soldier, soldier poems -- 'The sweltering barracks in Gibraltar or Lucknow, the red coats, the pipeclayed belts and the pill-box hats, the beer, the fights, the floggings .
The papyrus contains a unique Proto-Coptic magical text composed in the liturgical language of ancient Egypt but written down on Greek script with a few Demotic signs thrown in.
The book is divided into five chapters, in the first of which the author provides a synopsis of ancient law and sets out his preference to analyze the Demotic texts from a literal point of view by which the reader can get to the "soul" of the meaning of the legal phraseology of these lease documents.
Then, abandoning the demotic tone altogether, he reaches for an equally high-flown socioeconomic theory to sustain the claims of the new wave: "Man, having engineered a society to an undreamed of state of mass production, now labors solely in order to consume with the same ferocity as he produces [plus ca change].
And some of its predilective moments are, if not "libidinous," then certainly demotic enough (as in "Tenderloin") to enter a given narrative space and "Strip it bare // Grease it well / with its own foul / lubricant // Against the grit / of its own sharp corners / scrape it to orgasm.
The accent is demotic, but the imperium remains more or less intact.
It is a fact that Egyptian st had become largely obsolete by the time of later Demotic and Coptic, that is, by the time when the Edfu and Dendera texts were copied.
And while the following of demotic trends has led to an academy that can accommodate Madonna studies, much of the catalogue for this hit show (here on the last stop of a national tour that began at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, in November 1999) is art history of a quite old-fashioned kind.
In particular, Bethea brilliantly demonstrates how even Brodsky's versification is in line with the antielitist, demotic, and prosaic form given to his subtle and profound thoughts.
Santayana remarked that a factor in the assertieness of nationalism is that people feel it the only distinction they have left in a demotic equalising world.
Luscher points out two demotic numbers located under the lower margin of the document, and this invites me to ask how one should number columns in LP BDs.
Viola has captured the seriousness of traditional Western religious painting via the simple tactic of decelerating our most demotic art forms, film and video.
Yet the use of many biliteral signs and groups to represent only their first consonant, which eventually became standard practice in Demotic (Vittman 1996: 446), seems not to have been standard in Late Egyptian.