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Synonyms for Demotic

Synonyms for Demotic

a simplified cursive form of the ancient hieratic script

the modern Greek vernacular


of or for the common people

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Frye uses Einstein's famous theory as a marker that points in this direction; with the "new realization that matter [is] an illusion of energy," we begin to lose that "clear separation of subject and object" essential to the demotic phase and find science leading us back to the mythical and to the necessity of metaphor for true understanding (GC 14-15).
Quack's second article in the volume is a new edition of a Demotic document mentioning Numen-ios, a high official under Ptolemy VI.
But it was a French scholar who, in 1822, made the intuitive leap that both the Demotic (an ancient Egyptian legal language) and the hieroglyphs (familiar from the walls of temples and pyramids, but not hitherto deciphered) used the same phonetic basis for writing language.
The scripts are early demotic and what has been termed abnormal hieratic, a shorthand form of the cursive hieratic derived from hieroglyphs, which are illustrated in the book.
The interview opens with a few questions concerning television studies, as I recently read Turner's (2010) Ordinary People and the Media: The Demotic Turn.
Ellen Kaufman's pantoum "These Lines are Beams of Light" is written in a flowing conversational style that avoids the end-stopped lines typical of the form in favor of one that captures the sustained momentum of unfolding thought, and yet the artifice is foregrounded both by the poem's language (the colloquial and demotic "vice versa" and "White-Out" for instance), and in its concerns: "And what would they love/if they could, our words?
Lichtheim, Late Egyptian wisdom literature in the international context: A study of Demotic instructions.
Of great help to archaeologists, the message had been chiseled in three different scripts: Greek, Demotic Egyptian (a language used in Ptolemy's day for everyday communications and records) and hieroglyphs (most often seen on temples and used for sacred texts).
We remain in the demotic 'devastated' and 'gutted' when affected but above all, bereft of less threadbare adverbs to express our anger and powerlessness as victims.
Demotic is the modern spoken form of which European language?
The revolutionary wave sweeping the Middle East and North Africa has recently forced Western media outlets to reconsider the extent to which the popular will in the Islamic world is truly democratic, demotic, Islamist, or something else.
My Cousin Vinny RARE to see a Joe Pesci film where he's not sticking someone's head in an industrial vice or turning the air blue with his imaginative use of demotic Anglo Saxon.
He begins with the South African (Boer) War and carries on with the arrival of Jews fleeing Russian pogroms, the growing fears of German power, the First World War, the Irish troubles and later civil war, the arrival of Hitler, the abdication, appeasement, the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War, Suez, Harold Wilson's premiership, (he rise of Murdoch and The Sun as emblems of a more demotic Britain, and finally the Iraq War.
by demotic Mike Whitby to become Birmingham's 'acting mayor' ahead of referendum Surely, Digby must be the favourite if he decides to run.
I say thankfully, not because he offers analysis or insight unavailable to the armchair viewer but because he delivers footballspeak at its most demotic.